Rest without long flights: Edem Resort Medical & Spa Complex

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Drop city worries, turn off your smartphone and enjoy the moment. Get ready, it's time for complete relaxation.

Edem Resort Medical & Spa complex is a world remote from everyday life in which guests will appreciate a five-star hotel, a health recovery center, author's restaurants, a spa, an art center and a golf club.

To be a part of nature

The city is dozens of kilometers away, and you are in the company of pristine nature, Lake Youth and the Gardens of Eden. Meet the sun in the vineyards and lavender fields – what could be better? At Edem Resort, the clock stops to let you enjoy the beauty of life. Guests receive maximum reboot, get rid of anxiety, and balance emotional and physical balance.

Restore vitality

Find harmony with the world, nature, environment, yourself. The mission of Edem Resort is to fill you with this harmony, to provide not only physical, but also spiritual relaxation. The Health Center professes the ideals of complete unity of the physical and mental principles. Anti-aging specialists have developed unique programs for rejuvenation, restoration, elimination of toxins, and stress and emotional burnout. Here the trends of European innovative medicine are intertwined with oriental philosophical practices, medical programs – with the spa. Three main vectors are combined: Ayurveda, osteopathy and the knowledge systems of Ancient China and Japan.

Join the game of aristocrats

A tour to the golf course is held for each guest, during which he is introduced to the history and etiquette of the game. A personal trainer will help you choose the equipment and talk about the rules. You will learn the professional secrets of golfers, get acquainted with the varieties of strokes and clubs that are necessary for the range and accuracy of flight of balls. And from theory to go straight to practice: on the driving range you will work out the swing technique – the main movement in golf.

Get gastronomic pleasure

Thanks to the masterpieces of culinary art of the brand chef of Edem Resort Arthur Tumanyan, food turns into pleasure. His cuisine is bold experiments, modern Ukrainian traditions, local products with European techniques. Savor breakfast accompanied by the piano, arrange a summer brunch in the apple orchard accompanied by a violinist and, at the end, a cozy evening in the Terrace restaurant overlooking Lake Molody and with a glass of wine made from the harvest of Edem Resort's own vineyards.

Touch art

Enjoyment of beauty is what gives real pleasure. One of the keynotes of the philosophy of Edem Resort Medical & Spa is the aesthetics of being. The art space on the territory of the complex is the first architectural and sculptural park in the Ukrainian landscape, which has become the location for the most extravagant works of art, rarities and artifacts. The collection includes both classical works by masters of old Europe and avant-garde exhibits of our time.

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