Red latex and denim for all occasions: Dress like the heroes of the series "Beverly Hills 90210"

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On August 7, Beverly Hills 90210 returns to the screens. The continuation of the cult series of the 90s promises to be the main premiere of the whole summer (at least for those who grew up in those turbulent times). “Beverly Hills” spanned a decade: the premiere took place in 1990, and the last episode was released in 2000.

In addition to school dramas, love triangles and ten years spent watching television, the series also gave us some style tips. Huge jackets with an emphasis on the shoulder lines that evolved from the 80s, red latex, denim and revealing outfits (for example, a sconce instead of a top) that in real life no one would put on to school, became no less important components of success than himself plot. The series has become a real encyclopedia on the trends of the 90s, and the main characters – style icons for all then young millennials.

Brenda Walsh did not hesitate to wear her dad’s tie and conquered school corridors in men's suits, and the next day appeared in snow-white Victorian blouses and a hoop in her hair. Kelly had a huge wardrobe with designer things, a wayward mother and a line of schoolchildren in love with her. Donna Martin loved crop tops, tight dresses and bold looks (which is worth only a red latex trench coat). Andrea Zuckerman preferred a win-win classics: a white shirt, jeans, cardigans and everything that did not distract her from keeping a school newspaper and suffering because of her love for Brandon Walsh.

To the return of the series, we recall the main stylistic techniques that we owe to the heroes of Beverly Hills.

Wear a white T-shirt in any strange situation.

After James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause and Marlon Brando in Desire Tram, a simple white T-shirt became the new uniform for Hollywood stars. Kelly adds a red pleated skirt, matching lipstick and many accessories to her, and Brenda shows that a classic white T-shirt and jeans look as good as they did in the 50s. And not only on the sex symbols of Hollywood.

Denim – 90s uniform

Not a single episode could do without a perfectly fitting pair of jeans: high rise, straight fit, classic blue color. Wear paired with a large denim jacket, white T-shirt and waist bag.

The main accessory of the season? Hoops!

It is possible that the Beverly Hills series inspired the creation of the 2019 summer collection for Miucci Prada. For 10 years, the main characters appear in hoops of all colors and prints, proving that you have forgotten about this accessory in vain since elementary school.

Don’t be afraid to wear dad’s wardrobe

Jackets like a man’s shoulder, voluminous shirts, emphasis on the shoulder lines – Brenda Walsh was an icon of the androgynous style even before Demna Gvasalia fell in love with oversized fashionistas, and Alessandro Michele blurred the gender frame. Big jackets in the series are worn by everyone: from the rebel Dylan to the excellent student Andrea.

Crop top for all occasions

To the beach, to school, to the party – for the residents of sunny California, cropped tops have become the same masthead as warm down jackets are for us. It’s good that you can wear them together.

Dress like it's always the 90s

Gold chains, tight mini, tops with lowered shoulders – everything that we saw on the screen in the 90s, is also relevant today. Be inspired by the style of Beverly Hills High students, wear narrow glasses, like the Neo from the Matrix, and go to conquer the streets of the city.

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