“Radiant and so young”: fans are delighted with the new shots of the built Ekaterina Strizhenova

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Not long ago, Catherine Strizhenova "took up the body" and decided to lose a few extra pounds. Permanent host of “Good Morning” is pleased to show fans the result of work on themselves – the star puts photos in her microblogging in which she poses in dresses that emphasize her newfound harmony.

“What a fine fellow you are !!! This color suits you very much! Slender, beautiful, young and radiant !!! "," You are cheerful and positive, Good and good looking! Good luck to you, ”“ Katerina, you look just super, it’s true, you have built a very visible, radiant smile for you! ”,“ I love this beautiful lady. All with her. Modesty, elegance, intelligence and, of course, beauty ”, admired the Strizhenovoy fans (the spelling and punctuation of the authors are hereinafter preserved, – ed.).

By the way, not so long ago Catherine became a grandmother – her eldest daughter, Anastasia, gave birth to her first child. The taleena doesn’t care for her grandson and is happy to nurse him when she is in the USA, where Anastasia lives with her husband, or the girl arrives with her family in Russia.

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Text: Maria Melnikova

Photo: Instagram

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