Winter wedding makeup: 5 options for the bride’s look

Winter wedding makeup: 5 options for the bride’s look

Snow-white winter is the perfect time for cozy wedding photo sessions and vivid images of brides. Have you already decided what makeup will brighten you on the most important day? We will help you decide.

Bright lips

If summer is traditionally considered the time of gentle pastel make-ups, then in winter you can safely afford brighter cosmetics. This season stylists recommend taking a closer look at wine and cold pink lipsticks.

Advice: To keep your lip tint flawless throughout the day, use the pad of your finger instead of using a stick to apply lipstick. Blot the first layer with a dry paper towel, then add another layer. Powder your lips with a clear, loose powder for safety.

Romantic blush

Winter is associated with blush, so why not add it to your bridal look? Well-shaded bright blush will make your makeup look more doll-like and add romance to it.

Advice: bright blush is especially well combined with delicate makeup. If you decide to focus on the eyes, then it is better not to highlight the cheekbones and cheeks in the makeup.

Voluminous hairstyles

An excellent trend for lovers of naturalness is the almost complete absence of visible makeup in combination with a voluminous textured hairstyle. Intricate braids, tousled tufts and tails make the look gentle and not overloaded with details.

Advice: keeping such a hairstyle throughout the entire celebration is not an easy task. Put a light hold texturizing hair spray in your purse to help you touch up if needed.


In winter, white is more relevant than ever: white shadows and white arrows.

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Advice: if the makeup with white arrows seems too alien to you, suggest the makeup artist to make you a double arrow – black and white. This option suits almost everyone and looks very stylish.


Makeup using your wedding shade is another win-win solution. Bright colored shadows on the upper eyelid are not very relevant now, but light color accents on the lower eyelid are in trend.

Advice: be sure to try this makeup before the wedding day – not everyone is comfortable when the lower eyelid is painted, in some cases the eyes may turn red and watery. Before doing “underline” on X-day, you need to make sure that this makeup suits you.


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