Wedding stylist-makeup artist: what to look for

Wedding stylist-makeup artist: what to look for

The bridal makeup artist is entirely responsible for your look. How to choose a specialist, how to achieve the perfect result, what needs to be discussed so as not to regret later – Wedding gives you proven advice.

1. How to choose a stylist-makeup artist

Both word of mouth and girlfriends with their recommendations will help with the choice. Also, don’t discount the makeup artist’s Instagram profiles. And before contacting a stylist, decide on the style.

2. Make a mood board for your wedding look

These can be pictures from glossy magazines, photographs of stars on their wedding day, and so on. If you came to a makeup artist with your mood board, and it really is about you, your wedding, and not about abstract beauty, then that’s half the battle. Then everything is in the hands of the professional of your choice.

3. Don’t forget to rehearse

Make-up and hair rehearsal a week before the celebration is strictly required. Nobody wants surprises on their wedding day.

4. Your wishes are the most important

If the master did not ask you about the style of your wedding, what dress and jewelry you have, this is not your master.

5. If you don’t like something, ask to redo it

If you do not like something, feel free to ask to redo it. As many times as necessary, until the result suits you completely. If it doesn’t work the second time, it is probably worth changing the master.

6. Pay attention to your feelings.

Makeup stylist should be pleasant to you and radiate calmness. This will be more than necessary during the morning preparations.

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7. Think about an option escort of the bride

The craftsman can be asked to be accompanied on the wedding day. He, if necessary, will correct the make-up or hairstyle in time, change the image during a break, if, for example, a second dress or another plot of the celebration is supposed.

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