Wedding stylist: how to choose your specialist

Wedding stylist: how to choose your specialist

A wedding stylist is a key figure in a bride’s life. Anna Komarova, the owner of the school of stylists of the same name, told us how not to be mistaken with the choice and ensure a great mood on the main day.

Why choose a wedding stylist seriously?

– To begin with, the wedding stylist creates not only hair and makeup, but also the mood of the bride for the whole day. Consequently, almost everything depends on his behavior, manner of speaking and immediate professional qualities. Moreover, during her life, the bride will remember more than once all the details of this day, including emotions from the image created by the stylist.

What should you pay attention to first of all?

– The most important thing, of course, is having a good portfolio. Moreover, it can be either professionally decorated or simply filmed on the phone. Here the key task is to see how and in what style the master works. Most importantly, the bride should not only like his work – she should associate herself with them, that is, be with this person on the same stylistic wavelength.

If the portfolio is completely satisfied, we move on to the next important point – the appearance of the stylist. She should not annoy you in any way.

Next comes the turn of viewing reviews of real brides about his work. Did everything suit them, were there any pitfalls during the training camp, how did the master present and behave after the final agreements and tests? The next stage is a call to the master. The area of ​​special attention is the tone of his voice and the general psycho-emotional mood. Did something dislike or alert you? A sign that it is worth looking for someone else. If the puzzle of communication did not work out right away, then no amount of advertising and the popularity of the stylist will fix the situation.

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Questions that you should definitely hear: “Have you bought a dress?”, “In what style is the wedding planned?”, “What will be your wedding bouquet?” If everything went smoothly and interest in the smallest details is evident – feel free to agree on a rehearsal of makeup and hair. Why is it needed? The thing is that on the wedding day, a master, limited in time, is unlikely to be able to pick up something really ingenious for you. At the rehearsal, the first thing the stylist should ask you to show him a photo of the dress and the bouquet, find out everything about the groom’s suit and the venue of the ceremony. Based on the results of his work, you should understand that this is exactly how you want to look on this day, and at least three photos with different hairstyles should remain on your phone, so that later, in a more relaxed atmosphere, after listening to the opinions of parents and friends, you can choose the best option …

Коснемся ценообразования: репетиция всегда стоит в два раза дешевле финального сбора.

What should be in a cosmetic bag to touch up makeup during the day if the stylist is not around?

– Everything is extremely simple here: matting wipes and lipstick, which exactly repeats the color of the lip makeup.

Tell us about your scheme for working with brides. What is your main difference from your competitors?

– In Anna Komarova’s beauty studio for brides, we always do a turnkey rehearsal and offer girls at least four different looks: curls, a Greek braid and different types of bundles. Our goal is to show the bride all possible options so that she does not have any questions like “what if you do this?”. Makeup is always applied in front of a mirror so that the girl sees every stage of her transformation and understands what is happening to her. In the process, the stylist is constantly interested in her opinion: how bright the makeup is, whether she feels comfortable in it. Moreover, both the hairstyle and makeup are immediately assembled like on a wedding day, one to one. On average, each bride takes from 3 to 4.5 hours. All masters have undergone three-stage training at our school, have vast experience, annually release their own collections of wedding hairstyles and collaborate with famous designers of wedding dresses. In short, they can be trusted unconditionally.

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We remind you that applications are still being accepted for the Wedding Style & Beauty Awards, the first award in Russia for wedding stylists from the creators of the Wedding Awards Russia.

Learn more about the Wedding Style & Beauty Awards here.

Photo: press materials, Anna Komarova.

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