Wedding Preparation: Pilates

Wedding Preparation: Pilates

Getting ready for your wedding is a great excuse to add Pilates to your schedule, relieve stress and give yourself a new flexible body. Yuri Gavrish, trainer of the PMP studio network, explained to us why the bride really needs it.

Good stretching is synonymous with beauty, grace and health. The exercise system, developed by Josef Pilates in 1925 for injury recovery, has proven effective not only in medical circles, but also in the beauty industry. Stitching is not just muscle lengthening, but work with the body at all levels. For example, on hormonal: after exercise, the level of stress decreases, which means that life becomes more relaxed and comfortable. In addition, stretching gives its owner several important benefits: flexibility and endurance.

Stretching in Pilates is not about working with individual muscles.

The focus is on the joints and the body, which functions as a whole. A truly high-quality result is achieved when the emphasis is on the spine and joints of the shoulder girdle and pelvis. It is on them that plastic and grace depend. Therefore, you simply cannot do without exercise on simulators in different planes. A huge plus of Pilates is the uniform workout of the muscles, including the internal stabilizing muscles. As a result, the body acquires a beautiful, non-pumped relief.

It is better not to practice Pilates at home or in a large group, where you will not be able to devote enough time. It is recommended to start with smooth exercises on simulators under the supervision of a trainer, since in this discipline the quality of execution is extremely important, and not the number of approaches. Classic Pilates involves slow movements without overload, which are performed with extreme concentration.

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An important success factor is the coach’s approach. A real specialist will build classes based on the exercises that are necessary for your body. If we talk about the indispensability of a good stretching for the bride, then everything is simple. Easy gait and beautiful posture make her graceful, confident in herself and her strengths throughout the entire celebration. Many brides lose this feeling due to the fatigue of high-heeled shoes and tight corset dresses, in which they have to spend all day. The ability to hold your back will save you from improper weight distribution and, as a result, from discomfort and irritation. Wedding dance is the key moment of any ceremony. Should we talk about the feline smoothness of the bride’s movements with good stretching?

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