Wedding makeup trends of 2020

Wedding makeup trends of 2020

Wedding stylist Nadezhda Khvan, founder of Khvanaco studio, told Wedding about the current trends in wedding makeup and the necessary products for brides on their wedding day.

What wedding makeup would you recommend for the new season?

– Fashion for naturalness continues to occupy a leading position. Designers continue to use the nude trend at shows in 2020. To embody such an image, a minimum set of cosmetics is required: new mascara, tint-lipstick for lips, cheeks and eyelids 3 in 1 in pastel shades, translucent lip gloss. The most important thing in this makeup is the perfect complexion. The main feature of this makeup is the lack of clear lines. Makeup will match the most natural eyebrows, as if untouched by cosmetics. A fully sheer, wet lip effect adds volume. You can enhance the color with shades of peach, apricot or caramel.

What beauty products is important for the bride to have on hand during the celebration?

– Moisturizing lipstick-gloss, smartphone with wireless headphones and hand sanitizer.

Is red lipstick appropriate for a wedding?

– Red lipstick is a classic that will live forever out of time.

What makeup to choose for bridesmaids?

– Identical bridesmaid dresses are a personal choice for every bride. However, today couples create a wedding concept, so invitations often contain information about the dress code in one or another color scheme. You can choose makeup for all girlfriends at beauty hen parties. For example, at the Khvanaco studio, we introduce girls to the basics of makeup and teach them how to do makeup on their own. Girls can rehearse makeup before a friend’s upcoming wedding and decide on the look.

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Photo: Victoria Monakhova.

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