Wedding makeup rehearsal: stylist tips

Wedding makeup rehearsal: stylist tips

Stylist Nadezhda Khvan told Wedding why a rehearsal of a wedding look is needed and what should be taken into account on the eve of the wedding.

“75% of what is done at rehearsal is usually not included in the performance”, – said Konstantin Stanislavsky. By prudently setting aside the whole day for the selection and rehearsal of the image, the bride can fully enjoy the preparation. Having time left, the bride will not be nervous, worry that something will not work out, she will try different images and choose the one that she likes best and in which she feels organically.

Flawless, radiant skin the embodiment of beauty and health, which is achieved not only with the help of a professional makeup artist, but also depends on home skin care and beauty treatments in the salon. Therefore, it is better to contact a beautician 6 months before the expected date of the celebration in order to develop a schedule of procedures and choose the right home care.

I always recommend to my brides to introduce peeling rolls into home care, which gently and gently exfoliate the skin from dead cells, impurities, and promote gentle skin renewal. I like black face scrub Erborianwhich makes the skin beautiful and fresh. Moisturizing care is also very important. properly selected serum and cream.

In the last week, it is not worth carrying out radical cosmetic procedures, such as salon peeling or facial cleansing, as it may take a long time to regenerate the skin. But you need to carry out home peeling and moisturizing care, then the skin tone will be flawless.

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Beautiful hair not a luxury, but a result of care. It is better to postpone radical changes for later. Instead, freshen up the color two weeks before the wedding, but it is worth discussing this point at the rehearsal with the stylist.

This will allow you to create the perfect wedding makeup and hairstyle, so that the result will impress both the bride and everyone else.

At rehearsals, brides are usually accompanied by mothers or best friends. Less often, accompanied by both parents or the groom himself. With a friend, everything is fun, playful and girly. It happens that we have role-playing games. We are rehearsing a wedding ceremony, where the girlfriend pretends to be the groom. It always helps to recharge with a positive, despite the tasks of creating a wedding image. During the rehearsal meeting, the image of the bride is born, taking into account the peculiarities of appearance, wedding style and concept, individuality and character.

A trial rehearsal in the studio will allow you to get to know the stylist better, try on a veil, pick up accessories and even rehearse your steps for the first dance with the groom. The energy that the master puts into the image can no longer be hidden on the face, as if you were saturated with vitality, confidence for a future celebration. We really devote ourselves to work, we have no room for error, because in our hands the most valuable, important and incredibly fragile – the bride’s mood. And fate sometimes depends on the mood.

Text: Nadezhda Khwan.

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