Wedding makeup for Asian women: stylist tips

Wedding makeup for Asian women: stylist tips

We asked stylist Nadezhda Khwan to tell you about the features of Asian makeup for brides and share professional secrets.

As a wedding makeup artist, I studied with great curiosity the girls of European appearance: the color and shape of the eyes, face, hair – all this was new to me, because I myself am Asian and it seemed that “what I don’t know in Asian makeup”.

For example, with makeup with an emphasis on the eyes, it is better to make up the lips with a lighter and more delicate shade. If the bride has chosen a bright lipstick, then for the eyes it is necessary to choose shades of beige, silver or peach shades with a muted shine. At the same time, it is good if the texture of the eyeshadows is chosen cream, so it will last longer and will not clog into the crease of the eyelid.

But the roots are taking their toll, and my interest in the East and Asian beauty has awakened in me again. Dark hair, brown eyes, unique eye shape – I am happy to re-examine all the details of Asian faces. After all, this is so important for creating an expressive and beautiful image. Especially when it comes to bridal makeup!

Stylist: Nadezhda Khvan.

Photo: Victoria Monakhova.

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