Smile of the bride: 4 ways for white teeth

Smile of the bride: 4 ways for white teeth

On the wedding day, the bride’s smile should shine brighter than all the diamonds in the world. Victoria Roschaninova, a recognized beauty expert and head of the Kraftway clinic, told how to get one as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Teeth whitening

Zoom Quick Pro is a revolutionary lamp-free whitening that brightens 4 shades of enamel in just 30 minutes. A pleasant bonus is the absence of unpleasant sensations. Moreover, this does not affect the effectiveness in any way: the teeth acquire flawless whiteness in just one session, and the effect lasts up to a year. No wonder that in Europe everyone is crazy about him!

Bioaesthetic restorations

You can bring your smile to perfection without the help of veneers. Inspiro couture anatomical restorations using the technique of Swiss doctor Didier Dichy easily correct imperfect tooth color and even out slight curvatures. As a result, in just one visit, you get an impeccable aesthetics without grinding enamel, pain or any discomfort.

Professional teeth cleaning

Today ultrasound and Air Flow are the two most effective types of professional oral hygiene. Ultrasonic vibrations remove tartar comfortably and painlessly, and the powerful Air Flow jet removes dark plaque, restoring the enamel to its natural color. The final stage is teeth polishing with a fluoride gel to strengthen the enamel and prevent caries.

Enamel implantation

Violation of the integrity of the enamel is quite common. Usually we are talking about the hypersensitivity of teeth to cold-hot after unsuccessful home bleaching or the wrong choice of toothpastes. Enamel strengthening with InnoDent Repair in order to prevent the development of caries is a new word in modern dentistry. When applied to demineralized areas of teeth, biocompatible peptides penetrate deep into micropores and trigger the natural process of enamel regeneration, simultaneously eliminating hypersensitivity and all microcracks. After a month, the weak enamel is completely replaced by a new and healthy one, the teeth acquire their natural color and shine, and their strength is noticeably increased.

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