September stellar images: stylists comment

September stellar images: stylists comment

Wedding selected the best wedding looks from the stars of the past month and asked stylists to comment on them. What image do you remember the most?

Wedding image of Natalia Vodianova

Stylist Sasha Yesenina comments:

– Natalia’s wedding look is elegant, restrained and very simple. There is nothing superfluous in it – easy styling on a hairdryer with slightly curled ends, lively volume and slightly textured messy hair. There is also a minimum of makeup on Natalia, we can say that there is none at all. Natural hair, lightly colored eyes and a minimum of products on the skin. The lips seem to be simply painted with hygienic lipstick. Her image perfectly reflects the current trends of naturalness and self-love. This is the image of a self-confident woman who does not need to prove anything to anyone with the help of complex hairstyles and cosmetics, she understands that she is beautiful and beautiful, and this can be seen from her happy photos.

Here you can read about the wedding of Natalia Vodianova and Antoine Arnault.

Liana Volkova’s wedding image

Stylist Elena Yurina comments:

– Liana evokes a feeling of romance, tenderness and awe in this wedding look. Delicate shades of dress and make-up demonstrate well the natural beauty of the bride and emphasize her youth. The hair gathered at the bottom speaks of the nobility of the image and readiness for married life, wisdom and prudence. A cloud dress with modern lantern sleeves, a delicately accentuated waist, a small amount of sparkling piping tell the story of a cute princess. I can’t even imagine another outfit on Liana. We can say that this is the most successful image for a young girl in the classical tradition. The key is the complex smoky color of the dress and the touching pearl on the bride’s neck.

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Here you can read about the wedding of Liana Volkova and Arseny Shulgin.

Vera Musaelyan’s wedding image

Stylist Ksenia Knyazeva comments:

For the registry office, the bride chose a classic white dress with open shoulders, sneakers added ease to the image, thus she combined elegant classics and modernity in the image. Vera changed several dresses during the day, she had three looks in total. For the evening, she chose a more festive version of a black and white dress with a shiny train, and the image was complemented by a popular accessory of this season in the form of a cuff earring. I really liked the image that the wedding stylist created for her, taking into account the main trend for naturalness.

Now more than ever naturalness, natural beauty, individuality are in fashion – this is a light nude makeup, natural hair texture. Vera has very beautiful curly hair, for the wedding look, the stylist left a natural texture, only gave the curls a little more distinct shape and fixed the hair with a parting on one side. Vera chose nude makeup that is always relevant: well-groomed skin, natural blush color. The emphasis in makeup was on the eyes, the arrow and eyelashes added brightness to the image. Thus, she did not change herself and felt absolutely comfortable.

If you want to repeat this makeup, you should give preference to light foundation that will merge with the skin, it is better to choose a cream blush. You can use any styling foam and a diffuser to create curls.

Here you can read about the wedding of Vera Musaelyan and Ilya Yashin.

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Wedding image of Maria Konchalovskaya

Stylist Ekaterina Khokhlova comments:

– Purity and tenderness, fabulousness and mysticism are harmoniously woven into the wedding image of Mary. The eye immediately catches an extraordinary, boring image, thought out to the smallest detail, despite the apparent simplicity. Everything in the image speaks of a creative, dreamy nature, because even Maria made a wedding dress herself.

As if untouched by makeup, the face looks fresh and natural, preserving the bride’s youth. Sand, beige and caramel shades perfectly match the natural flavor of Masha. It’s great that the hair stylist left the natural structure of the hair and so attractive curl, hairstyle looks light and airy, perfect for the image of an elven creature.

The image was complemented by a wreath of spray roses and eucalyptus branches, which further emphasizes the unity with nature. Embroidered with small pearls cape – one of the latest bright wedding trends – gives weightlessness to the whole image.

Read about the wedding here Maria Konchalovskaya and Nikita Kuzmin.

Text: Zhanna Spiridonova.

Photo: Instagram.

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