Putting a cosmetic bag on vacation: what you definitely need to take with you

Putting a cosmetic bag on vacation: what you definitely need to take with you

If the weather outside the window is not at all happy, it’s time to give up all the pre-wedding chores (if, of course, the timing allows you) and break out to the sea for a few days. But even if this is a spontaneous trip, the cosmetic bag must be assembled with great care. We tell you what you need to put in it.


You can forget anything but sunscreen. Check its presence first. How to choose a suitable sunscreen? Check the weather forecast of the place you are going to. In addition to degrees, the strength of solar UV radiation is indicated there. If it is equal to one, a cream with SPF 30 is enough, if it is equal to two, feel free to take the cream with all 50. How often to apply sankrin – it is advisable to reapply the product once every three hours, if you swim – even more often, once every two hours , as the sunscreen can be partially washed off the skin.

After sun care

Use a tanning product to keep your tan evenly and not stained. It is better to look for them at drugstore brands, since they do not injure the skin with chemical particles. It is better to apply the product at night so that it has time to be absorbed.

Moisturizing masks

Cloth masks are your second after Sanskrin irreplaceable friend on trips, more precisely, during the flight. The fact is that due to pressure drops, the air in the aircraft cabin is very dry, it literally draws moisture from the skin. To keep it safe, use a fabric moisturizing mask during the flight. It is best transparent and without a pattern – so as not to frighten the neighbors.

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Soothing cream

If it suddenly happens that you still burn in the sun, a soothing cream will help you. It is better, again, to look closely at the brands of pharmacy brands, the composition of the product should include herbal extracts. Apply the cream overnight on the burned areas, let the product absorb.


For skin accustomed to predominantly cloudy, cool weather, the bright sun and warm wind may be unusual. In addition to the above products, put a tonic in your cosmetic bag – it will prepare the skin for new conditions, maintain its elasticity and prevent the appearance of age spots.

Sunscreen for hair

You thought you only need to protect your skin from the sun? But no. Hair also needs protection from ultraviolet radiation, it is better to give preference to products in the form of a spray – they are easy to apply, they are quickly absorbed and do not leave greasy marks. The SPF factor can be lower than for the skin – from 15 to 30. Also bring a bottle of shampoo with you, which moisturizes your hair, because the salty sea water can make it dry and lifeless.

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