Makeup for an online date: step by step instructions

Makeup for an online date: step by step instructions

Make-up for a date requires a special approach, because at every meeting with a loved one you want to receive compliments and look perfect. But what about self-isolation today? Arrange an online date, of course. Wedding stylist Ekaterina Khokhlova shared her professional secrets with Wedding readers.

The first thing to do when preparing for your date makeup is to take extra care of your skin. Correctly selected cosmetic products will create a special glow and a healthy, well-groomed look.

Step 1. Use exfoliating wipes to exfoliate the upper stratum corneum, so the foundation will lie smoother and thinner.

Step 2. Apply a moisturizing sheet mask for your skin type. I recommend using only proven mask options.

Step 3. Massage the moisturizing serum onto the skin. This will give the skin a light healthy glow, the skin will seem to be illuminated from the inside.

Step 4. For an even complexion, apply a loose foundation or BB cream using a wet beauty blender. The tone will fall thinly and evenly, do not forget to stretch the tone around your neck and a drop on your hands.

Step 5. For a soft and fresh blush, use a multi-purpose cream (or tint) for cheeks and lips. This product lays down thinly and gives a long-lasting effect, leaving the skin natural.

Step 6. Use a bronzing powder to brush over the cheekbones, frontal bumps, temporal depressions and the entire contour of the face with a large natural brush for a soft sun tan effect.

Step 7. Eyebrows. Create natural, fluffy brows with toner gel and powder pencil.

Step 8. Pay special attention to your eyes. Follow the upper lash line with a chocolate or graphite kayal for a softer and sexier look. Apply a long-lasting creamy eyeshadow in a natural shade all over the movable lid with your finger or brush for gentle blending. If you want to make your gaze more open, go over the lower mucosa with a milk kayal, if you want to emphasize the shape of the eye and add a feline look, take a chocolate-colored kyle. Make your eyelashes as fluffy and voluminous as possible.

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Step 9. Add some natural radiance to the skin, using preferably a creamy highlighter lighter than the base tone, apply to the prominent points of the cheekbones, chin and lips.

Step 10. For seductive and soft lips, apply a scrub on them, then massage the nourishing oil into lips, wait a little and blot with a napkin. Now you can apply lipstick or gloss, or a long-lasting tint in a delicate shade. Such a natural yet expressive makeup will allow you to create the effect of a healthy, radiant complexion, without being overloaded with cosmetics.

Author: Zhanna Spiridonova.

Photo: press materials.

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