Living beautifully: body and hair care Biologique Recherche

Living beautifully: body and hair care Biologique Recherche

Profile Professional Club is a unique establishment in the center of Moscow that combines five formats at once: a beauty studio, a city spa, cosmetology, a restaurant of author’s cuisine and a multi-brand boutique.

From December in the salon you can sign up for body and hair care from your favorite Biologique Recherche brand.

French cosmeceuticals Biologique recherche opposes itself to aggressive hardware and injection cosmetic procedures with a large list of contraindications and restrictions. Here you do not have to find a compromise between efficiency and safety, all skin problems can be solved within one treatment.

Body treatments Biologique recherche – two-phase, starting with biological skin peeling using special products: Lotion P50 Corps, Gommage P50, Lift CVS Corps.

Procedures and preparations Biologique recherche free the skin from toxins, tone it up and give it lightness. These preparations are also carefully developed and selected as individually as the preparations for the face.

In structure, the scalp is similar to the skin of the face or body, but it has its own characteristics – the epidermis is denser and dotted with hair follicles that secrete sebum that protects the hair. The scalp is not only exposed to the adverse effects of the external environment, but also suffers from the use of aggressive shampoos, dyes, styling products and high temperatures when drying with a hair dryer.

Most often, hair problems are the result of a violation of the acid-base balance (pH) of the scalp, as a result of which nutrition stops flowing to the hair follicles.

IN Biologique recherche a special range of hair care products has been developed that regenerate the scalp and make hair strong, healthy and shiny.

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