It’s time to go to pastel: the most trendy coloring of the season

It’s time to go to pastel: the most trendy coloring of the season

Want to freshen up your hair color for a ceremony or honeymoon, but get lost in a variety of techniques and shades? Try the trendiest version of 2019: coloring in pastel shades of pink, blue or coral with a slight metallic sheen.

In the beauty salon “Aida” such magic on the hair is created by the forces of Opal-Essence – a new group of Illumina Color shades from Wella Professionals.

Opal is the inspiration for this line. It was his radiance and unusual overflows that became the basis for delicate metallic shades that look great both on Rapunzel’s long curls and on medium lengths or a bold pixie. The muted metallic sheen on the strands makes the coloring multifaceted: depending on the lighting, the same shade shines with warm and cold tints. This play of light is achieved thanks to an innovative formula and a special composition of pigments.

Opal-Essence can be used alone or in combination with Illumina Color base tones. The line includes 5 colors for every taste: platinum lily, titanium pink, lilac silver, copper peach and olive chrome. Not a bad choice for a spring beauty reboot!

Beauty salon “Aida”:

Gusyatnikov lane, house 4, building 4.

Tel + 7 499 130 10 53.

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