How to safely remove gel polish at home: expert advice

How to safely remove gel polish at home: expert advice

Removing gel polish, of course, it is better to entrust the nail master. But since many of us do not have this opportunity due to self-isolation, Wedding turned to a professional for advice. Tatiana Dzedz, trainer of the OPI brand, told how, following a few simple rules, you can carefully remove gel polish or shellac at home.

Step 1. Preparation

You will need:

• a special tool for removing gel polish (nail polish remover without acetone or ordinary acetone will not work!);

• foil;

• nail and cuticle oil or hand cream;

• nail file 180 grit;

• buff or grinder;

• cotton pads;

• orange stick;

• scissors.

Prepare in advance:

• cut the foil into squares or rectangles large enough to wrap your finger;

• cut the cotton pads into 4 pieces (to fit the nails so that the cotton blank completely covers the nail plate and the skin is less in contact with the liquid).

Step 2. Instruction

1. Treat your hands with an antiseptic.

2. File the ends of the nails and the surface of the coating with a file (this will allow the remover to penetrate better into the gel and shorten the removal time).

3. To protect the skin around the nail, apply oil or cream to the cuticle before removing. This will also help keep your nails dry from the liquid.

4. Saturate the cotton pad well with the remover, press it against the nail and wrap it tightly with foil. Repeat with the rest of your nails and let sit for 10-15 minutes.

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5. After 10-15 minutes, pull the foil and discs off your fingers.

6. If the gel is not completely removed, gently scrape it off with an orange stick.

7. Buff, remove the remaining gel and polish the nails.

Step 3. Important tips

In order not to injure the nail plate, be sure to follow these recommendations.

1) Work with an orange stick without strong pressure on the nail and in one direction – from the cuticle to the free edge.

2) Do not use metal tools to remove gel polish.

3) If the coating is not completely removed, do not tear off the remnants of the gel polish from the nail plate. It is better to repeat the procedure again.

4) Do not grind the nail plate strongly after removing it – this can thin and weaken it.

5) Apply a medicated nail polish.

How to do an express manicure yourself at home, we will tell you in the very near future. Stay tuned for updates on our website.

Text: Anastasia Kokovikhina.

Photo: Elina Sazonova, Elizaveta Sudarikova, Daniel Micu, Unsplash.

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