How to eat ahead of your wedding: to avoid stress

How to eat ahead of your wedding: to avoid stress

Do you want to look 100% on your wedding day, not be nervous and have skin that seems to glow from the inside? Then you need to pay close attention to your nutrition on the eve of day X. After all, your well-being directly depends on how you eat. Choosing the right foods will help you feel less anxious and deal with stress better. In general, rethinking your diet is really important if you are preparing for an important event.

6 months before the wedding

If you want to lose weight before the wedding in order to fit into the dream dress that you have looked after since school, then plan your diet and introduce exercises 4-6 months before the wedding – do not put it off until later.

6 weeks before the wedding

Consider changing your diet, even if you are eating a healthy diet. This will improve your well-being and look like a Hollywood star in photos. The right diet will help you avoid colds and viruses, because stress can weaken your health. Add omega-3s to your weekly menu; salmon, tuna, and mackerel are abundant in this skin-friendly ingredient. Don’t forget chia seeds, flaxseed oil, and walnuts. They can be found in oily fish (salmon, tuna, mackerel, and sardines) as well as in plant sources such as chia, walnuts, and flaxseed oil. You can often see the word “collagen” on cosmetics, which is incredibly beneficial for the skin. However, it is found in foods such as broccoli and strawberries. Vitamin C can be used to help collagen penetrate the skin. To synthesize collagen naturally, you can also consume pepper and cauliflower.

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How to avoid stress

Of course, everyone understands that stress is an integral part of wedding preparation. But to minimize it, you can eat foods that contain magnesium, such as pumpkin seeds, coconut, green leafy vegetables. If you work in an office, take pumpkin seeds with you as a snack. They can also be sprinkled on salads that you eat for lunch. Make more smoothies in the morning. You can also take a bath by adding a special salt with magnesium – magnesium has the ability to perfectly penetrate the skin.

Add fermented foods to your diet, it is no coincidence that they are now at the peak of popularity. This can be yogurt or kefir, sauerkraut, kimchi and kombucha. Miso soup, olives can be used as probiotics.

What to eat to boost energy levels

If you are lacking in energy, include brown bread and brown rice in your diet. Of course, a gluten-free diet is trending right now, but a low-carb diet ahead of a big date can do more harm than good. Of course, white bread, white rice and pasta are better off the menu, and instead eat whole grain bread, brown rice, and spelled pasta. This will allow you to feel better and be full of energy, which is so necessary when you have to solve hundreds of cases at once.

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