How to choose a makeup artist for a wedding: professional life hacks

How to choose a makeup artist for a wedding: professional life hacks

The bride’s beauty image is just as important as the wedding dress – make-up and hairstyle should be at least perfect. Lanna Kamilina, creative director of the beauty and spa service Lanna Lamilina, spoke about how to choose a high-level makeup stylist and distinguish him from a non-professional.

Where to look

The most reliable and proven way is to find a wedding makeup stylist through friends who recently got married. You can ask them about the smallest details and find out how the make-up behaved from the moment of application to make-up removal. Do not be guided by Instagram and the site of the masters – there is a great chance to find in your portfolio only professionally retouched photos that may have little to do with reality. It is best to study the personal accounts of the brides who contacted this pro and look at the selfies or photos taken by friends or parents posted from the wedding. If the makeup and hairstyle in these frames look perfect, feel free to call the master and make an appointment.

What to look for when meeting

The first item is the appearance. Untidiness is a bad sign. The second nuance is friendliness and engagement in the conversation. A good master always asks a lot of questions and is interested in all the nuances of the wedding, including the groom’s outfit and the general style of the celebration. Ask about his education: who did he undergo training, how often does he improve his qualifications, does he know his famous colleagues, have his works published on websites or in magazines?

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Cost of services

The level of cosmetics, the experience of the master and his popularity in the beauty industry are the main things that affect the cost of services. Makeup and hair done on professional or premium brands like MAC, Make Up For Ever, Giorgio Armani, Estee Lauder, Shiseido, Tom Ford, Oribe, R + Co and TIGI cannot be cheap by definition, as the funds themselves are quite expensive. In addition, the cost of the beauty collection includes not only service and cosmetics, but also all “consumables”, from cotton pads, eye patches, skin preparation care products to hairpins or hair threads.

Image rehearsal

Do not forget to show the master a photo of your dress and all the accessories. If the makeup artist is not a versatile person and his skills are limited only to makeup, you cannot do without a photo of a hairstyle. After rehearsal, you should have a list of all the tools that were used to create the make-up and hairstyle, as well as photos of the option that suits you the most.

Pay attention to how the master communicates with you while working. Any irritation and dissatisfaction at the request to redo something is unacceptable. A competent stylist-make-up artist will surely talk with you every stage of creating an image, give practical advice for the future and tell you what you need to buy in a wedding cosmetic bag. If you liked everything and you leave in high spirits – congratulations, the quest for the selection of a beauty fairy on day X is completed.

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