Hair right: care life hacks

Hair right: care life hacks

Well-groomed, shiny, and most importantly, healthy hair begins with proper care. What we should pay special attention to, we found out from Marina Bessarabova, stylist of the Saco beauty salon.

How to independently determine the degree of hair damage and what kind of home care is needed for each level?

To begin with, competent diagnostics is, first of all, a guarantee that you will get the expected result from home care products or salon procedures. There are several tests that can help assess the overall condition of the hair. The simplest of them allows you to determine a rather important point – porosity. As you know, the higher it is, the less well-groomed the hair looks. Select one hair from the strand, squeeze it by the tip, with the thumb and forefinger of your other hand, go up through it towards the root. The healthier the hair, the easier and faster the fingers glide over it.

The elasticity test will tell you about the condition of the cortex. Extend a couple of hairs and see how they behave. Healthy ones stretch without any problems and quickly return to their original position. The damaged ones are no longer threatened with the original condition, and the heavily damaged ones will simply tear. Another sure indicator is the tips. If they are thin, look dull and split, it is better not to postpone a visit to the salon. If the damage is severe, I recommend doing an intensive scalp massage before each wash. This will help improve microcirculation and increase the absorption of nutrients from the revitalizing masks. Moreover, the balm or conditioner must be used strictly after the mask. This trick will enhance the shine and seal the beneficial substances of the mask inside the hair for a longer lasting effect.

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Apply various oils exclusively to damp hair, avoiding roots. It will also not be superfluous to reduce the load on the hair follicles by cutting the strands by at least a few centimeters. Regular consumption of B vitamins will also noticeably improve the situation.

What styling products pose a hidden threat to hair beauty and health?

It is better not to use strong fixing products, do not get carried away with dry shampoos and products containing alcohol. If hair falls out, then you only need to apply styling lengthwise, avoiding the root area.

How to minimize the harm from blow-drying and styling?

Moisturizing masks two to three times a week, applied under cellophane with heat for a couple of hours, will help you. And daily thermal protection.

How long does it take to change the parting?

Observing one parting line for a long time leads to thinning and cutting of hair. Make it a rule to shift it by a few millimeters at least once every six months, and you can forget about its expansion forever.


1. Keratin straightening

MEANING: Synthesized liquid keratin enters the voids of the hair and fills them. Under the influence of temperature, it curls up and turns into a hard protective layer that gives the strands its original shine and smoothness.

RESULT: complete restoration of the cortex and cuticle, smoothness and ease of styling.

2. Olaplex recovery system

MEANING: Connects and strengthens the disulfide bonds in the hair structure, which are responsible for their natural strength, elasticity and strength. Powerful protection against chemical, thermal and mechanical damage.

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THE RESULT: softness, strength and shine.

3. Revitalizing care based on the application of Oribe Gold Lust Transformative Masque.

MEANING: The active formula of the ultra-moisturizing mask allows healing components to quickly penetrate into the hair and restore it from the inside.

The result: strength and elasticity.

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Interview: Daria Biryukova

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