Getting ready for the beach season: the best treatments for the perfect silhouette

Getting ready for the beach season: the best treatments for the perfect silhouette

Victoria Roschaninova, a recognized beauty expert and head of the Kraftway clinic, talks about her favorite procedures for the perfect silhouette.

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Laser hair removal

Diode laser hair removal MedioStar NeXT is an excellent solution for painless, burn-free and safe hair removal of different colors and thicknesses on any skin phototype all year round. Due to the powerful cooling system, the procedure is comfortable, and the clearly directed action of the beam turns epilation into a matter of 15-40 minutes. After – no ingrown hairs and red spots – just perfectly smooth skin.

Infrared lifting

Titan Cutera infrared lifting is the best choice for skin tightening after weight loss, childbirth and liposuction. The infrared beam works in two ways: heats old collagen and makes it denser, providing instant lifting, and also activates self-rejuvenation by stimulating the production of new fibers. Result? Smooth and tightened skin without pain or redness. The effect of the procedure is noticeable immediately and will grow over several months.


The Zimmer Lippo apparatus is based on cryolipolysis – the destruction of fat cells by low temperatures. Applicators cool fabrics down to -10 degrees and allow you to treat two areas at the same time. Such shock freezing is a verdict for fat cells, which are destroyed and never restored. After one session lasting 60 minutes, up to 30% of fat is lost, and the final result will be visible in about three months.

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Body mesotherapy allows you to effectively fight cellulite and skin laxity without complicated manipulations. Unlike a similar facial procedure, painless injections of specially developed lipolytics of the latest generation are made at different depths: with a loss of skin elasticity by 1-2 mm, for cellulite correction – by 1-2 cm.The effect is noticeable after one procedure, and a lasting result achieved when combined with hardware techniques.

Ultrasonic lifting

Ultrasonic body lifting with Ultraformer is a non-surgical method of skin tightening using high frequency ultrasonic waves. The affected area is the most problematic places on the body: the inner surface of the arms and thighs, folds on the back and under the buttocks, knees and abdomen. The procedure is performed once, and the pronounced effect lasts for 2-5 years.

Photo: Andrey Baida, press materials.

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