First-hand: makeup artist Anastasia Ovechkina on her wedding makeup

First-hand: makeup artist Anastasia Ovechkina on her wedding makeup

Irina Mitroshkina, makeup artist of the Prive 7 beauty network, told Wedding about the secrets of wedding makeup for the bride of the year – Anastasia Ovechkina.

“We have known Nastya for ages – already eight years. During this time, our relationship has become something more than just a working relationship, and recently Nastya and I laughed – we have known each other for so long and finally I married her off to a good guy! “

“Nastya is a traditionalist by nature, she has a very classic, elegant style and all these years it has not changed. It’s good when a girl finds an image in which she is comfortable and does not rush about in search of something new. We found her image at the very beginning of our acquaintance: makeup and hair, and even if we move away from it a little, we still return to our “classics”. “

“Nastya does not like smoothly tied hair, some radical styling, straight parting – she is traditional, loves delicate, feminine, light images, half-gathered hair. As for the make-up, it is always an emphasized outer corner of the eye, arrows, that is, quite classic solutions. I am sure that any topical makeup, any high-fashion variation will suit her, but she avoids it. Although, I repeat, with her appearance she will look harmonious in any style. “

“A wedding is not a reason for beauty experiments, the bride already has a lot of excitement on this day – and the last thing she needs is to worry about makeup. Nastya had to be comfortable at the wedding, and we chose a proven make-up, with which she always feels confident. Nastya is one of those girls who cannot be called an experimenter at all, this applies both to her appearance and life in general – for years she has not changed her style, friends, beauty salon, in the end. I hope she found her makeup artist – after all, Nastya has been visiting only me for so long. She is a devoted client and faithful friend – together with Sasha, they even attended my own wedding. “

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“We didn’t need to specially rehearse the wedding make-up – every time Nastya is in Moscow, she has a lot of shootings on which we work together. And, of course, we managed to discuss everything a hundred times – what to make brighter, what is paler, etc. “

“Nastya is far from a fan of sculpting, strobing and similar fashionable techniques that sometimes make faces unrecognizable. A new nose shape or super sunken cheekbones – this is not about her, she is lovable in her appearance – well, of course!) She wants to be like herself. Now everyone is obsessed with sculpting, feistune and the like. Unlike my other clients, she doesn’t ask for a super perfect shape for her nose, cheekbones, etc., and to be honest, I support her – yes, it’s great for photos, but at a wedding you need a lighter make-up. Having such data as Nastya’s – harmonious features and good skin – you shouldn’t be zealous and overload your face. “

“Nastya’s heavy hair needs root volume. I use Oribe Dry Texturizing Shampoo – you can find dozens of dry shampoos now, but they are all different, though they are similar. Some of them leave a whitish bloom on the hair, so I think Oribe is just perfect. It creates a noticeable stiffness at the roots and therefore the hair does not fall off for a very long time – let’s put it bluntly, a wedding is an excitement, it’s a long day in a not very light dress, you can sweat and your hair will lose its appearance. Hair falls, volume disappears. Oribe also has excellent hairsprays – this time I didn’t do Nastya’s hairstyle, but as I said, I have worked with her hair more than once. “

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“I am a supporter of minimalism – I do not like it when the face is covered with several layers of products – cream, base, base under the base, etc. The less – the better!”

Lulu and Kiko scrubbing wipes

“It’s important to use a scrub to avoid flaking. And especially a lip scrub. The bride should do this on the eve of the wedding, for example, in the evening. For express care, there are very convenient scrubbing wipes – they are wet, compact, comfortable, they can be used immediately before makeup. Moisturizing is also a guarantee of an even tone. The favorite product of makeup artists is Embryolisse, it does not create a greasy film on the face, as many other moisturizers do. But on this film makeup slides so easily! All silicone leveling bases sin the same – their leveling effect is mostly tactile, the skin becomes even too silky and adhesion to the tone disappears, which is very important for the durability of the makeup. Make-up cream should be absorbed and moisturized, but not leave film. “

Oribe Texturizing Dry Shampoo, Oribe Hairspray

“I don’t like to stick on whole strip lashes, makeup often looks rough with them. I use bundles – I try to stick them not over my eyelashes, but on the skin between the eyelashes, pushing the bundles deeper. In this case, if the girl looks down, you will still not notice the nodules. This is almost nano technology – I divide the bundles into separate cilia and glue them separately between my eyelashes, so they look as natural as possible. And, of course, you need to get used to the band eyelashes, and I am entirely for the comfort and confidence of the bride. “

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“I really love VESSA highlighters – they create not a shining, pearlescent, but a wet effect, what we call gym skin today. With them, the skin looks hydrated and fresh. But you can only use the highlighter on good, smooth skin – never on loose and uneven skin. It’s important to choose the right shade of tonal bridal to look good with a white dress, and a refreshing pink or peach blush will complete a delicate bridal look. “

Embryolisse Moisturizer, Becca Highlighter, Becca Lip and Cheek Pigment

“Lips need long-lasting textures – in the same BECCA line there is a thick pigment that you have to drive into your lips with your fingers, this pigment is quite transparent. I don’t like lips that are too tightly covered with lipstick. Apply long-lasting lipstick lightly, hammering in with a brush or fingers, and you can add gloss on top. “

“The bride should not even leave the house without matting napkins – this is a real salvation. Never make the common mistake – if your face is shiny, everyone usually just applies another layer of powder, but very soon, an awful thick layer of tone will form on the face, which will begin to fall off and creep. But a shiny face does not paint either you or the photograph either. The solution is simple – use a fixing transparent powder after matting wipes. And do not forget about waterproof mascara – this is a must, because everyone cries at weddings – even if you are an “iron lady” at heart.

Anastasia and Alexander Ovechkin’s wedding organizer – Anna Gorodzhaya, Swadberry agency

Photo: Anastasia Belskaya, Igor Bulgak, Dmitry Markov

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