Diet before the wedding: how to survive the New Year holidays

Diet before the wedding: how to survive the New Year holidays

If you have set yourself a goal to get in shape in the coming months and just now strictly monitor your diet, you will face a severe test – a festive week and a New Year’s feast. How not to break loose and gain extra pounds? Let’s tell.

Don’t get carried away with alcohol

First, alcoholic beverages increase appetite and reduce self-control, which means you will eat much more than you need. And secondly, wines can be very high in calories. A glass of wine contains up to 160 kilocalories, and a bottle – up to 600. And this despite the fact that on a diet you should not consume more than 1500 kilocalories per day.

Choosing unsweetened drinks and drinking alcohol with clean water will help you drink less because you won’t feel thirsty.

Don’t buy too much food

The pre-holiday discounts force us to buy more because it seems to be beneficial. However, you should not delude yourself: even if you buy food for two weeks, everything will be eaten in the first three days of January. Better resist the temptation and calculate how many dishes and how much you need to put on the New Year’s table so as not to damage the figure.

Another secret to success: Decide in advance the amount you are willing to spend on groceries and put more fresh fruits and vegetables in the basket.

Call your friends to you

If you are afraid that you will be invited to several parties, where tables will be bursting with food, just invite all your friends to your place. This way you can control the quantity and quality of what you eat.

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Choose dietary options for your table: vegetable soup, baked turkey, grilled vegetables and meats, and homemade fruit pudding for dessert.

Don’t torture yourself

The more you suffer from the fact that you cannot taste the dishes from the New Year’s table, the more chances you will get lost. You don’t want to chew one leaf of lettuce until midnight, and after the first glass of champagne you lose control and eat half a goose? To prevent this from happening, allow yourself to slightly increase your calorie intake once or twice during the holiday week. Make up for this with long walks through the decorated streets and parks, skiing and ice skating.

Take care of entertainment

Almost half of the people who have eaten too much on the New Year admit that they were bored at the festive table. Plan your evening scenario so that you have something to do besides food. A fun company, dancing, games and walks will allow you to keep your figure and, moreover, will provide an excellent New Year’s mood!


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