Bride’s beauty look: how to get perfect eyebrows

Bride’s beauty look: how to get perfect eyebrows

There are no unimportant details in the image of the bride: everything must be perfect, down to the smallest detail. And what gives the face a special expressiveness? Of course, beautiful eyebrows! And even if by nature they are not as thick as, for example, in Cara Delevingne, this can be corrected.

Sable eyebrows are a trend in recent seasons. Popular actresses, singers and other public figures are increasingly appearing in front of cameras with bushy and expressive eyebrows. It is not surprising, because make-up artists never tire of praising natural beauty, and plucked eyebrows are no longer fashionable.

The secret of the attractiveness of thick eyebrows is that they are able to emphasize the eyes to the maximum, make them visually brighter and more expressive, and the lips – more voluminous. In addition, the thickness and correct shade of the eyebrows will help to “reduce” a large nose and divert attention from imperfections or asymmetry of the face.

Fine, but what if nature has not rewarded you with sable eyebrows? The masters of the British network of beauty salons SACO will definitely help! The Sable Brows procedure is a long-term styling of the eyebrows based on special formulations that strengthen, nourish and restore hair. First, the specialist applies the “lamination glue” for the growth of the eyebrows, then – successively nutritional formulations and serums. After 30 minutes, the compositions are washed off and the eyebrows are dyed one or two shades darker than the natural shade, after which the hairs are carefully laid.

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The best part is that the sable eyebrows made by a professional make-up artist SACO Moscow will last for a month and a half. This means that you can not postpone the visit to the salon until the last day to enjoy the beauty of your eyebrows on your wedding day!

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