Beauty secrets: tips from stylists

Beauty secrets: tips from stylists

In-demand bridal beauty professionals share useful life hacks with WEDDING readers to create the perfect bride’s makeup and hairstyle.

Ekaterina Khokhlova, makeup artist and hair stylist

The first and coolest, in my opinion, life hack from all my many years of practice is microcurrent facial massager… This is one of the fastest and most effective gadgets for edema, drooping eyelids and tired face. Just 3-5 minutes of work of this wonderful device before applying makeup and the skin seems to be renewed, the eyelid rises and the face becomes fresh and ruddy, as if after a rest.

My second secret when working with brides is step-by-step application of thermal water after each layer: base, foundation, powder to create a super long-lasting and at the same time natural make-up. Since thermal water is composed of salts and minerals, when the water evaporates, all layers of makeup firmly adhere to the skin, while the makeup looks “native”, like a second skin. Thermal water, when used in this way, perfectly replaces and even surpasses the make-up fixer.

And my third must have for creating light and natural hairstyles is basal head massage hands using hair powder. The hair becomes pliable and pliable, the volume is tightly and securely fixed, and the hairstyle does not look sticky or heavy.

Ksenia Knyazeva, makeup artist and hair stylist

I really like to use foam from TIGI Superstar on dry hair to create flexible volume with a hairdryer. If necessary, the product can provide a sufficiently large volume, while it will be mobile and natural. I also love that the foam gives the hair a neat look. Every time I use it to create a hairstyle, I set the direction of the hair, form beautiful lines.

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The secret of a radiant complexion lies in its proper preparation for applying makeup. In the beginning, I make sure to moisturize the skin with light serums and then use a foundation under the foundation with illuminating particles from Charlotte tilbury… But there is a caveat – it is important that the serum is quickly absorbed. Thanks to this step-by-step preparation, the foundation lays down evenly and creates the effect of beautiful skin.

I always mix several shades of blush to create a unique color that matches my skin tone and matches the color of my lipstick. I usually combine pink and peach shades. It seems to me that it is very important to choose the right shade of blush and lipstick, as it is often the only color accent in a wedding make up.

Nadezhda Khvan, makeup artist and hair stylist

To create the perfect complexion before applying foundation and primer, I use the Korean method of cleansing the face. It consists in using peeling padsThese are pads impregnated with a special serum containing, as a rule, AHA and BHA acids. They thoroughly remove dead skin cells, perfectly control the work of the sebaceous glands, have sebostatic and antiseptic properties, even out the texture of the skin, giving it smoothness and fresh color.

To make fresh makeup for the bride, I again use the method of Asian beauties from the Land of Morning Freshness. These are tinting agents – tints, with which you can create the effect of kissed lips and a blush of slight embarrassment.

I like to use a product of Japanese professional hair care cosmetics – oil to give a perfect, like silk, smooth hairstyle Viege Oil Lebelthat gives natural beauty and health to any hair type.

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Text: Anastasia Kokovikhina.

Photo: Alexandra Popova, Kirill Kalyakin, press materials.

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