Beauty care: how to take care of your skin in summer

Beauty care: how to take care of your skin in summer

Improper cleansing of the skin in the summer leads to inflammation, blackheads and an unsightly oily sheen that you want to powder non-stop. Especially for Wedding, Anna Skomarovskaya, a dermatocosmetologist and specialist in highly effective intensive hardware technologies, compiled a guide for skin care in the hot months.

Major mistakes in cleansing the skin

Too thorough cleansing “to a squeak” violates the hydrolipidic mantle of the skin, which is precisely responsible for its healthy and beautiful appearance. It maintains an acidic pH, thereby protecting the epidermis from pathogenic bacteria, dirt and dust, as well as preventing water loss. Owners of oily or problem skin often try to dry it out using aggressive products. But they dry out the skin even more, provoking inflammation and an oily sheen. Water that is too hot has a similar effect. The best choice in this situation would be soft non-foaming gels, milk, creams and balms for delicate cleansing, which do not change the pH of the skin towards the alkaline side.

What should be the correct cleanser

You need to select it according to the type and condition of your skin. If it is oily or combined, then look for soft surfactants, salicylic acid (cleans pores and accelerates cell renewal) and zinc (normalizes sebum secretion) as part of a foam, gel or mousse. Dry or sensitive skin will love the surfactant-free oil, balm or milk format with moisturizing ingredients: glycerin, panthenol and allantoin. For deeper cleansing, delicate enzyme peels are ideal. The mandatory minimum for the summer is a suitable cleanser and tonic. The task of the latter is to complete the washing process, restore the pH level of the skin and prepare it for skin care. Therefore, it is undesirable to neglect it. Don’t skimp on regular moisturizing and sun protection with SPF cream. For the summer, it is better to choose lightweight textures: gel or fluid.

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What ingredients are best to avoid

Cleansers with AHA acids are at their peak right now. However, do not use acidic cleaners uncontrollably: the skin will become much drier and will begin to secrete even more sebum. The same applies to clay masks. Moderation is your main motto. With the advent of the sun, retinol products should also be excluded from the beauty menu, as it greatly increases the sensitivity of the skin to UV rays.

What procedures to avoid during the summer season?

Due to the increased solar activity in the summer, procedures associated with significant trauma to the skin are not recommended. The sun’s rays hitting damaged skin will only exacerbate the damage and lead to unpleasant consequences such as hyperpigmentation. Under a ban until autumn – the removal of moles and other neoplasms on the face, chemical peels and laser procedures.

Hardware cleansing “Moisturizing and anti-stress”: Atraumatic professional hardware program CatioVital is aimed at deep cleansing and cellular restoration of any skin type. The procedure includes a hardware thermal mask for complete cleansing, dynamic ionization, which stimulates cellular energy, saturating the deep layers of the skin with active ingredients, and relaxation massage with essential oils, which fills with “vital energy”. As a result, you get perfectly smooth skin with natural healthy glow and tone.

Recommended course: 4 procedures per month.
Maintenance course: 1 procedure per month.
Session duration: 1 hour 10 minutes.

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