Beautiful hands: how to care for your hands during quarantine

Beautiful hands: how to care for your hands during quarantine

Frequent hand washing and the use of sanitizers upset the hydrolipidic balance of the skin, as a result – they mercilessly dry already thin and sensitive skin. But for every girl, especially the bride, it is important to preserve the beauty of her hands, because they will become the center of attention at the upcoming wedding. A few simple tips from Wedding will help keep your hands soft and tender.

And here you can find out how frequent hand washing and a sanitizer affect a wedding ring.


Use products with a non-aggressive formula and caring ingredients in the composition to wash your hands. Liquid products are usually much more gentle on the skin. As for the water, it should be at a pleasant temperature, room temperature, but not hot.

Hand soap ROSE, Byredo; Liquid soap Grapefruit Leaf, LA BRUKET; Liquid Soap Purity & Freshness, Fa.


Each time after washing, apply a cream with the most nutritious composition to the skin of the hands and cuticles. The light texture of modern products is instantly absorbed without leaving a sticky feeling.

Cream Les Mains Creme Regenerante, RIVOLI; Hand cream FLOWER POWER, Merci Handy; Universal cream, Filorga; Shea Moisturizing Hand and Body Lotion, L’Occitane; Intensive Hydrating Hand Lotion, Margaret Dabbs London; Nourishing hand cream TUVA, Natura Siberica; Softening hand and cuticle cream Deep Comfort, Clinique.


Use a hand scrub once or twice a week (your favorite body scrub will do as well). It will remove dead skin particles and make it smoother. If there are no special tools at hand, then you can use improvised – a mixture of granulated sugar and olive oil in a ratio of 2/1.

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Coffee body scrub Express-O, FRANK BODY; Exfoliating Hand Scrub, Margaret Dabbs London; Body scrub CABERNET, Caudalie; Exfoliating body cream with bamboo powder Peau Neuve, CLARINS; Hand Scrub Honey – Exfoliation and smoothness of the skin, SEPHORA COLLECTION.


Put on gloves before bed or during the day if you have 30 minutes to spare. They are impregnated with active ingredients only inside, which provides additional comfort in use. You can make a spa for your hands, but still do your household chores. The mask will provide a longer-lasting nourishing effect compared to the cream. And it will make the care more effective on those parts of the hands where it is especially needed.

Warming Hand Mask – Intensive Nourishment and Moisturizing Dermask, DR. JART +; Cellular Performance Hand Gloves, SENSAI; Softening nourishing hand mask, PETITFEE; Hand mask Colorful Hand Mask, SEPHORA COLLECTION.


All of the above tips are relevant if your skin is only slightly uncomfortable from frequent washing and using antiseptics. But if the skin of the hands turns red, inflammation, wounds and microcracks appear, then you should seek the advice of a specialist. It’s available online. Since solving the problem only with the help of beauty products, it may not work and you will need medical cosmetics and dermatological agents.

Love yourself and your skin!

Author: Anastasia Kokovikhina.

Photo: press materials, Unsplash.

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