At the speed of light: ALDO COPPOLA mobile beauty services

At the speed of light: ALDO COPPOLA mobile beauty services

In the rhythm of the super-speeds of the metropolis, it is a luxury for the elite to afford beauty training all day long. How to put yourself in full order and not fall out of the clip of time? Mobile beauty services come to the rescue.

“You have to run as fast as you can, just to stay in the same place, and to get to another place, you need to run twice as fast.” This phrase of the Rabbit from Alice through the Looking Glass may well become the motto of the modern metropolitan bride, who counts every second.

However, perhaps only in the beauty centers of ALDO COPPOLA the value of time was turned into high art. A real privilege for brides – the Private Beauty Atelier exit service will be an ideal solution in preparation for the upcoming celebration and will make it as convenient as possible with a minimum amount of time.

The salon specialists will provide services in any place convenient for you: at home, in a country residence or in a hotel. Well-coordinated team best of the best – a cosmetologist, stylist, make-up artist and nail service masters will take all the care of the wedding look and fulfill even the most unusual wishes. At the same time, you can easily combine any procedures – they will be carried out simultaneously so that you can do everything in the shortest possible time. By inviting them to a bachelorette party or direct wedding preparation, you will not only have a pleasant time with your guests, but also receive impeccable service and exclusive beauty advice.

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For example, a stylist will along the way tell you what care and styling is right for your hair type, and share the secrets of trendy styling. The make-up artist will hold a private make-up master class and help you to correctly “disassemble” the cosmetic bag. And a nail service specialist will reveal all the secrets of perfect nails.

In addition, the service includes yoga practice, author’s face and body massage techniques, which guarantee you the feeling of flying even after an exhausting pre-wedding shopping run in heels. In order to finally recover your strength, and your thoughts go exclusively in a positive direction, the delivery of gourmet dishes from the Italian chef from the ALDO COPPOLA Zhukovka restaurant will be organized for you. The final chord of the beauty extravaganza will be a guest or individual photography. And all this without leaving your comfortable space. A real fairy tale! W

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