8 rules of wedding manicure: what to do and what not to do

8 rules of wedding manicure: what to do and what not to do

Have you already decided what kind of manicure will decorate your hands on your wedding day? Classic jacket, snow-white, delicate nude, romantic pink or bright and contrasting? In any case, these rules of wedding manicure will be relevant and useful.

Choosing the type of manicure and shade of varnish is only half the battle when it comes to wedding manicure. Your nails and hands should be perfect, because the eyes of the guests will be riveted to them and to the wedding ring, and the photographer will definitely take close-up shots. Follow these guidelines to avoid manicure problems.

1. Do not get your manicure earlier than a couple of days before the wedding.

Gel polish is the best thing that was invented by the masters for a wedding manicure. Instant drying and chipping free within weeks – what more could you dream of? The only but: after a few days, the gel polish begins to lose its shine. Therefore, do your manicure the day before, or at most a couple of days before the celebration, so that your nails do not look dull.

2. Try several shades of varnish.

You are arranging dress fitting and wedding hair and makeup rehearsals – so why not try a few shades of nail polish beforehand to choose the one that will look perfect with your outfit? In addition, different colors of varnish look better on the skin of different shades. For example, if you have an olive skin tone, pink lacquer will look pale, while red, for example, will look very beneficial.

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3. Buy several bottles of varnish.

If you prefer regular polishes over gel polishes, as soon as you find your perfect shade, stock up on a few bubbles: take one to the salon where you will have a manicure, put one in your SOS set for your wedding day and one in your purse. for the honeymoon (if you travel immediately after the wedding). So you will save yourself from worries about minor chips that may appear on a solemn day.

4. Don’t forget about home care.

Manicurists know their stuff, but they are not miracle workers. If you walk into a salon with split nails and damaged cuticles, your nails are unlikely to look perfect in an hour. If you know you have any skin and nail problems, make an effort to get them in order before the wedding. Drink vitamins, lubricate your nails and cuticles with nourishing oil, try not to break your nails, and in no case pull off the burrs.

5. Avoid daring experiments.

If in everyday life you do not like applications and drawings on nails, the wedding day is definitely not the time to experiment with nail art. Instead, opt for a proven shade or an all-time jacket.

6. Take the bottle with your nail polish to the salon.

Even if the color you have chosen is usually in your nail salon, bring your own bottle of nail polish in case it suddenly runs out or gets old in the salon. Better to play it safe than sorry.

7. Be prepared for chips.

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If you’ve opted for a regular nail polish, be prepared for small chipping at the ends of your nails. You will have to dress and put on shoes, put on rings, pose for a photographer, carry a train in your hands and raise the hem of your dress, so that chips are inevitable. Fortunately, this is not the end of the world if you are well prepared. Use the tip of the brush to fill in the chip and let the varnish dry for 30 seconds. Then apply a second coat of varnish and a thin layer of transparent drying. This can be done even in the middle of the wedding day, because you will have everything you need with you!

8. Moisten your hands often.

It’s amazing what hand cream can do for your photos! To keep your hands looking smooth and radiant, apply moisturizer and massage gently. Don’t forget to lubricate your cuticles too! That’s it, now you can ask the photographer to take a close-up of your hands.


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