7 tips: from a wedding stylist

7 tips: from a wedding stylist

Every girl on her wedding day dreams of being the most beautiful bride. The desire is clear, the task is doable. The main thing is to enlist the help and support of a professional wedding stylist. Sasha Yesenina, wedding stylist, winner of the Wedding Style & Beauty Awards in the category “Best Wedding Hair Stylist”, co-founder of Esse Beauty Studio, dispelled the most popular myths about makeup and hairstyles for Wedding readers.


The three main trends of our time are individuality, naturalness and comfort. Now more than ever it is fashionable to be different, but the main thing is to be yourself. And this will only intensify in the near future. The tendency of self-love is also actively observed. Therefore, the main criteria for choosing a wedding look are beauty and personal comfort.


Too bright and dense make-up are irrelevant: graphic eyebrows, intensely highlighted cheekbones, contrasting darkening of the corner of the eye, a large number of false eyelashes. Modern bridal makeup is very soft and delicate, but no less expressive. Moreover, it can be absolutely any in terms of brightness and depth: from nude to dark smokey ice.

We see the same thing in hairstyles: high puffs and huge buns are no longer relevant. Loose careless curls, light bunches or, conversely, a smooth Hollywood wave and laconic bundles are in trend.


The two most important criteria when choosing a wedding hairstyle and makeup are the wishes of the bride and the general style of the image. I always ask the brides for a photo of the dress, specify where the celebration will take place, learn about the concept and idea of ​​the wedding itself.

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It is also important for me to know the wishes of the bride, how she wants to look and how she wants to feel on this day. We are all different. Someone wants to be gentle, sweet and airy, while someone wants to be spectacular, sensual and sexy. Hairstyle and make-up are always a continuation of the image, a reflection of the bride’s character. Everything should look harmonious.


There is an opinion that sleek and laconic hairstyles look better on brunettes, because dark hair reflects light more strongly than blond. And on blondes, on the contrary, airiness, carelessness, textured hairstyles look better. However, a good stylist will equally well perform a hairstyle on any hair, because he knows and understands all the subtleties and nuances of working with both light and dark hair.


The choice of hairstyle and makeup is influenced not so much by the season as by the weather. In the heat, it is better to give up loose hair in favor of collected hair – it will not be so hot and definitely more comfortable with them. If, according to the forecast, high humidity or rain, and the newlyweds have a walk and a photo session on the street, a collected hairstyle is also preferable. At high humidity, curls will not be able to maintain their original shape for a long time.

When planning a photo shoot on the street in the cold season, it should be borne in mind that outerwear and collars will create discomfort and hinder movement if the bride has a low hairstyle.

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References are very important, because not every girl can verbally explain what she dreams about. Sometimes the bride talks about bright smoky ice, but in reality it turns out to be beige shadows and light shading at the eyelash edge. For a make-up artist, this is nude, and for a girl who rarely does make-up, smokey … It’s the same with hairstyles: someone asks for gathered curls, and then it turns out that we are talking about a low bun. It is in order to avoid misunderstandings that references are needed. But, of course, all wishes are always individually adapted to the appearance of each bride.

Try on makeup and hairstyles

Rehearsal for bridal makeup and hair is necessary for a number of reasons. First, to try on several different images and understand which one is more comfortable and harmonious for you. Secondly, fitting gives you peace of mind and confidence: on your wedding day, you don’t have to worry about the result. Finally, at the rehearsal, you get to know your stylist, which means that on the wedding morning you will avoid constraint and embarrassment, because there will be a person next to you whom you already know.

With the help of the design of the bangs, the choice of parting and the location of the volume in the hair, you can visually correct the shape of the face.

Here you can find out 10 myths about wedding makeup and hairstyle.

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Text: Tatiana Yezhova.

Photo: Nastya Nikolaeva, Lena Volotova.

Muah: Sasha Yesenina.

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