“Oval as in youth”: 53-year-old Jeanne Epple boasted the result of plastics

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Yesterday, 53-year-old actress Jeanne Epple shared a photo in which she looks especially good. Changes were noticed by fans and filled up with a pet with questions.

“I will share a secret: in order to give me back the oval, as a young man, we and my cosmetologist studied my photos of years ago … back))) And we started to restore the oval of youth. The whole procedure took about 30-40 minutes, all done with the help of hyaluronic fillers. It didn't hurt, there were no bruises, but the joy of the result could not be measured, ”she wrote in a blog and attached a photo“ before and after ”. The result of such non-surgical suspenders impressed subscribers.

Publication by Jeanne Epple (@ epple.ymnaya) 21 Jun 2018 at 9:50 PDT

“Breed .. sedan .. countess”, “What does it mean like in youth? Not every young woman looks so fresh and well-groomed. Zhannochka is a clever, feminine and charming girl ”,“ I thought the threads, ”they write.

“Your red hair color would be good for you, it would be good”, “Hair color is asking a little deeper, more expensive. I didn’t want to offend, you are beautiful ”,“ And I do not agree! Jeanne in blonde is beautiful, ”followers discuss the hairstyle of a star.

Publication from Jeanne Epple (@ epple.ymnaya) 20 Jun 2018 at 2:33 am PDT

Do you like the current image of the artist?

Publication from Jeanne Epple (@ epple.ymnaya) 6 Oct 2017 at 10:39 PDT

Photo: instagram

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