Olga Filatova: "The age is read from a distance along the gait, and this cannot be corrected by any facelift"

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Inspirer, founder of the Edem Resort Medical & SPA complex, psychotherapist, current member of the British Association of Anti-Age Medicine, Olga Filatova told us about how to stay young and healthy in the harsh conditions of the modern world.

How to stay young?

We know that modern traditional medicine is able to eliminate acute symptoms and diseases well, but it is completely powerless when dealing with chronic conditions and diseases of unknown etiology. It is a medicine that basically suppresses the symptoms.

History reference:

At the beginning of the 20th century, the main types of mortality were determined by infections: pneumonia, tuberculosis and cholera. Now these diseases are defeated and dominated by oncology, cardiovascular diseases, metabolic disorders (diabetes) and, of course, diseases associated with chronic stress. The forecast for the next 5 years is disappointing: mental disorders will be added to this list (Alzheimer and Parkinson). Diseases of unknown etiology affect even the younger generation (type 1 diabetes, Crohn's disease, autoimmune diseases such as asthma, eczema).

And we understand that these figures should have an objective explanation. But then the living conditions are fundamentally different from what was 30-50 years ago!

What is killing us now?

– Stress: the pace of life, the amount of information received, the flow of negativity from TV and social networks; working conditions and the lack of a tradition of rest, the amount of growing knowledge, because we are participating as if in a rat race, so as not to fall out of action! And finally, social pressure, the loss of spirituality and meaning.

– Nutrition (processed and engineered food and trans fats occupy the main shelves in stores, and in diets – the predominance of light carbohydrates and sugars, omega 6 and polyunsaturated fatty acids, in the soil – solid agro-industrial toxins and xenobiotics.

– Violation of the macrobiome due to the unimpeded use of drugs, hygiene products, household chemicals. New principles of agriculture and principles of vaccination are gradually changing the whole layer of the macrobiome among generations.

– The ecological situation on the planet.

All this leads to the fact that we are not allowed to die simply – we are offered options with torment because of the presence of the diseases of civilization. The planet is poisoned with gigantic numbers of food industry products.

Our state of health and health in general is determined by such understandable things as lifestyle: the way we sleep, what we eat and what we think. And before us every time there is a choice: do we want to take responsibility for our health and change something, or is it easier for us to eat the magic pill? Amosov argued back in the last century that doctors cured diseases, and he needed to get his own health. We need a change of medical paradigm. Why can't we take proactive measures now?

And there is salvation: this is preventive medicine – the medicine of the future.

After all, its goals:

Maintain the state of the body at a level characteristic of a young age, and significantly increase the life expectancy. It is extremely important for us to extend the active qualitative period of life and at the same time look much younger than our years, and this is not just “opening up” the face! After all, age is read from a distance by walking and stati, and this cannot be corrected by any facelift.

Energetic people "without age", safe maturity – these are the goals of our generation. It is also important to be able to preventively exclude an unexpected loss of capacity due to a serious illness, since this affects not only the length of life, but also its quality.

Intragenomic research gives us cards in hand – we become aware of the tools: detox and correction of nutritional deficiencies, elimination of functional imbalances in the body, diet management, methods of active stress protection and a holistic approach to health, highly effective and safe prevention and treatment technologies. And you can begin to unravel this tangle from any region: restoration of the gastrointestinal tract, intoxication, stress management, endocrinology, and as you unravel, everything will fall into place.

After all, prevention is always more cost-effective than treating a disease, and health and a lot of energy, creativity and the thirst for life are much more than the absence of disease.

In the next issue I will talk about news from the Congress in Berlin Undoing aging ("Age is canceled"), about the new concept of inflammatory imbalance that determines all the diseases of civilization: cardiovascular diseases (atherosclerosis and osteoporosis), depression, metabolic syndrome, oncology – how to regulate nutrition to relieve inflammation, nutritional diets and micronutrients in our lives.

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