“Nice and very girl”: Loboda surprised by a snapshot without makeup

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The photo, which appeared in the blog of the popular singer Svetlana Loboda, pleasantly surprised her fans. The 35-year-old actress, whose image is strongly associated with bright and even very aggressive make-up, showed what she looked like without makeup.

“I watched a great show at @gogolcenter. Kuzmin. Trout breaks the ice. In the lead roles – the incredible Ilya Romashko and the actor with a magic voice – One Byron. Thank you, ”shared her impressions of going to the star theater.

Publication from LOBODA❤️ (@lobodaofficial) Feb 26, 2018 at 12:29 PST

"It's very feminine here!" ) ”,“ How beautiful you are ”,“ So pretty without makeup. Can I have more photos of these? ”,“ Without stage make-up is unusual, but very beautiful ”,“ Such a young woman with day makeup ”,“ Such is beautiful here! Sweetheart and quite a girl))), ”followers are discussing.

However, the natural “bow” did not suit everyone: “Something is not right without makeup))),” wrote a single commentator.

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Photo: instagram

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