New Year's gift ideas for mom, grandmother or sister

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The closest people in the New Year want to give something special – a unique thing that will be useful and desirable, and will also combine practical functions and exquisite aesthetics. We have chosen the most beautiful gifts from several brands that you and your dear people will definitely like.

Gift set FOREO

The innovative Swedish brand FOREO has revolutionized the world of beauty gadgets for home care. All beauty bloggers wrote about silicone brushes for cleansing and facial massage on the market. UFO is a real miracle of a home beauty wardrobe: a smart mask for LED facial skin therapy. Thousands of women loved the brand’s cosmetic devices very quickly – FOREO gadgets combine a bright ergonomic design and manufacturability, which makes them desirable, and most importantly, useful. Therefore, the bestsellers of the brand will be a great gift for the upcoming holidays.

Now FOREO has holiday offers – the brand has prepared limited gift sets from the most coveted products UFO, LUNA mini 2 and LUNA 3, as well as pleasant discounts on individual products.

Face and neck cleansing and massage brush FOREO LUNA 3

Jewelry SOVA Jewelery

The mono earring from yellow gold from the Litkovskaya collection will be an elegant gift for a woman or girl who prefers elegance and non-trivial decorative solutions. However, to enter the product in a classic wardrobe is also not difficult.

Earrings from the Savanna collection are made of white gold and decorated with black enamel with diamonds. Such an exquisite gift will lead your loved one to complete delight, because this product is able to withstand any stylistic experiments and can be successfully integrated into any image.

The white gold ring from the collaboration with the designer Ivan Frolov Forlove is a symbol of pure cordial affection and respect for the person.

The set from the Glow collection – earrings and a necklace made of white gold with diamonds – will make a harmonious accompaniment to both the everyday and evening wardrobe of the person you present it to. It can be your beloved, mom or sister. The sophisticated and slightly futuristic design of the products makes them universal.

Kilian Le Rouge Parfum Lipstick

Kilian classic red color Le Rouge Parfum lipstick has a matte texture, nourishes lips with moisture and lasts all day until the very early morning. And thanks to a luxurious black and gold carved bottle, this item can become an image accessory.

Set of linen LA REINE

A delicate wicker Chantilly lace with a delicate mesh lining and hidden seams – these parts consist of a bra and panties LA REINE, made in black and beige colors. This felt kit is able to become loved in the wardrobe of its owner. In addition, it will be an excellent base for a jacket or shirt. LA REINE – Inspirational underwear.

Dress from Dress factory by Anastasia Kolosova

Performed by designer Anastasia Kolosova, classic things acquire a new sound and become unchanged favorites in the wardrobe of a modern woman. A translucent jacket dress, a light trench coat with corrugated chiffon inserts or trousers with lace elements that can be complemented with a jacket with a delicate transparent back – creating an attractive and timelessly elegant look with Dress factory things will be a real pleasure.

Gift ideas from a network of 12 person serving salons

Bone China Dibbern

High-quality porcelain is something that is passed down from generation to generation and, as a result, is of family value, absorbing the history of the family. The Dibbern brand Black and Golden Forest porcelain collection is universal thanks to its minimalist design and is the brand’s bestseller. The delicate golden trees that decorate the dishes made of bone china are symbols of a family tree that stretches up and grows.

The German glass factory Eisch produces luxurious glasses, cups and other utensils. Product design combines sophisticated aesthetics and quality, so a set of glasses or glasses of the brand will be a great gift for anyone. It is also important that the factory does not use lead for glass production, but saturates the crystal with oxygen, which gives the products an incomparable luster and transparency.

Vases and caskets Emaux De Longwy

Masterpieces of enameled ceramics that will impress those who are versed in art and all kinds of rarities. Each product of the brand manufactory is created by only one master from the stage of formation and firing to the moment of applying the black contour and glaze. Models are available in a limited edition from 5 to 120 units and amaze with their beauty.

Photo Frames L'Objet

Keeping precious memories captured on film – in digital modernity, this becomes a real mystery. Favorite photos always warm the soul, and our life and happy moments come to life even with a cursory glance at them. L'Objet frames will be a worthy setting for such moments. Products are made in platinum, gold and silver and decorated with enamels.

Glassware LSA International

The British company LSA International produces glassware and decor items from glass, subordinating their collections to an exquisite design that includes smooth lines and clear geometry. Products look almost weightless, but have excellent strength. To create a relaxed and light atmosphere in the house, LSA International glasses, wine glasses, decanters and tortoiseshells are ideal.

Glasses and Decanters Riedel

Wine connoisseurs and home bar owners will appreciate professional crystal glass products, the unique architecture of which takes into account the characteristics of the varieties and will help to best reveal the taste and aroma of your favorite drink.

The Rosenthal Tac giftware set includes two saucers, two cups without handles, two stainless steel spoons and a black kettle. The Rosenthal brand is notable for fruitful cooperation with the founder of the cult school of design Walter Gropius. A collection of dishes, the items of which are included in the set, is called Gropius Black. This is a truly unique gift for art people or sophisticated design connoisseurs.

Cutlery Sambonet

The Italian brand Sambonet has sensitively approached the production of cutlery by developing the Sambonet Tailor Made program, giving customers the opportunity to express themselves even in such a small thing. However, from the little things, we create a picture of our life. Sambonet devices can be used to create your own set with an individual design, defining a collection of frage, the design itself and engraving.

Decor Items Tom Dixon

The spirit of rebellion and innovation is enclosed in each brand product, and they are sold in 62 countries of the world. British designer Tom Dixon creates surprisingly beautiful and moderately avant-garde furniture, lighting, decor and utensils that will decorate a modern interior.

Dorstoppers and Zuny Bukenda

A hippopotamus will protect your door from closing, and a fabulous unicorn will hold books on a shelf. Charming animals will live in your home or the home of your loved ones, delighting children and adults. All products are of high quality and made of eco-leather.

Fragrances for home Ladenac

Diffusers and candles for the home combine elegant design in the manner of Victorian bottles and exclusive scents. Candles are made of wax with natural cotton wicks and create a unique cosiness in the house, especially on winter evenings. For those who subtly sense the world through the prism of smells and feelings, such a gift will be inspiring.

Tea set from the British brand Wedgwood

The most fabulous gift for your beloved grandmother, which, however, will appeal to everyone, is a set of porcelain saucers and cups made in the classic English style – in hand painting, using technologies that were inherited by the craftsmen. Cozy conversation at dinner or tea with milk at breakfast – a colorful service will make them even more warm and sincere.

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