New barre fitness area. What is it, says Alla Grigorieva

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In New York, I learned about such a fitness area as a barre (from the English. – "ballet machine"). This is a system of physical activity based on a combination of ballet movements, functional strength exercises, Pilates and yoga. Americans are just obsessed with these workouts.

Physical activity is equal to caring for oneself. If in childhood parents did not instill this concept, then at a conscious age it is still important to find strength and energy in oneself in order to love sports. After all, the right attitude towards yourself and your body is the most valuable investment. And this is what we will get at the exit in more mature years. It is not necessary to carry iron with screams to the entire hall. You need to find something that will bring pleasure.

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For myself, I chose a barre. These fashionable workouts, invented back in the 50s by the famous ballerina Lotte Burke, are now, when the angle of attention has shifted towards a healthy body, at the peak of popularity and many celebrities have already fallen in love. In America, for example, barra fitness studios can be found in every district, city, state.

Here’s what the trainer of Smartass Kiev club Angela Mustafayeva says about this area: “Barre is a rather intense, functional, but at the same time elegant training. Due to the static work, contractions with small amplitude and unusual movements, it allows you to feel the body in a new way, feel those muscle groups that are not involved in a regular classical workout.Its feature is the connection of various modes of muscle work, and hence all types of muscle fibers. This gives the most effective result: control over one’s own body is increased, correct posture is formed and, as a result, a beautiful, harmonious body. Also, flexibility, mobility of joints are increased, core muscles are strengthened, many muscle groups are worked out at different angles, balance is developed. "

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On my own I will add that each fitness area has its contraindications, cons and pros. Therefore, before embarking on classes, it is necessary to consult a professional trainer.

Let us learn together to take care of our body, choosing the right care, load and nutrition. Believe me, it will be grateful to you!

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