More than a hobby: 6 celebrities who have successfully mastered several professions

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No time to go to vocals, calligraphy or design classes? We talk about people for whom the main "stellar" activity did not prevent them from expanding the circle of talents. Take an example.

Tom Hanks

World famous movie actor, twice Oscar winner, winner of several Golden Globes, BAFTA and America's favorite. Hanks tried himself as a screenwriter, director, producer and even composer. In this list of professions and roles, only a zoodefender and writer were lacking. But here, Hanks did not take long. If the star took care of nature quickly, donating funds to thematic organizations and giving preference to traveling on an electric car, then with literary work it turned out much more interesting. Hanks has a long-standing passion – he collects typewriters. The actor’s collection is called unique, because it began in the 1970s. Then Tom just liked to print on them, gradually it grew into a fascination of all life. Hanks collected not only objects, but also stories related to them. And when there was already no strength to accumulate them in herself, the celebrity began to write columns for New Yorker magazine. They became quite popular, which prompted Tom to create a book. In 2017, the long-awaited collection of short stories was published, becoming the “book of the year” according to the Times magazine. Uncommon Type was praised by critics and readers, noting Hanks' talent as a narrator.

Kate Middleton

The Duchess of Cambridge, clever and beautiful, who managed to win the hearts of the British, sacrificed many in order to become the beloved wife of the most likely heir to the throne, Elizabeth II: a quiet life, free from the ubiquitous paparazzi, the right to choose, because she has to do so much of what is “necessary” and “obligated” … But Kate managed to save and even develop one creative hobby. The future duchess from her teenage years was fond of photography. At the university, Kate wrote her diploma of an art historian specifically about photography. And, they say, she wanted to quit the family business in order to become a professional photographer. But then it began: family, children, big politics … Kate did not give up and continued to shoot. She became the first ever member of the royal family whose copyright photographs were recognized as official. The Duchess makes portraits of children, family photographs, photographs a lot while traveling. In 2019, she became the new patroness of the British Photographic Society, which at least slightly compensates for the fact that Kate was not trusted to maintain the official page of the Buckingham Palace on Instagram.

Lars Ulrich

You can love, collect art, and also sell profitably. Drummer of the cult heavy metal band Metallica Lars Ulrich proved that you can collect stadiums, beat musical records of popularity, but also not to lose the entrepreneurial spirit and sense of beauty. The son of very wealthy parents, a famous Danish professional tennis player, musician and artist, he was surrounded by works of art from childhood. By the way, Ulrich himself almost became an athlete. Lars' success in tennis was very impressive, until one day he attended a Deep Purple concert … When his parents divorced, one of the pearls of the family collection, Andy Warhol's lithography, ceased to please the eye. Ulrich decided that he would get it anyway. That was the beginning of his collection of contemporary art. In 2008, the musician sold the work of Jean-Michel Basquiat for $ 13.5 million at Christieʼs auction. Great deal worthy of an experienced art dealer.

David lynch

The most important filmmaker of this era (according to The Guardian and not only) is a versatile person. Lynch not only makes films and writes scripts, but also makes music. He is well known as a talented photographer and an extraordinary artist. For example, in 2008, one of the images of Lynch's authorship became the official image, the poster of the Cannes Film Festival. It is very honorable in the world of cinema, yes. Lynch's photo exhibitions are held regularly and always become a high-profile cultural event. The series of his works touch upon interesting, relevant or very subtle topics: from the “doom of magic” in The Factory Photographs to the variety of human characters in Strangers in the Landscape. By his own admission, Lynch most of all loves and prefers the documentary photograph that he fell in love with while traveling to South America in the 1980s.

Jared Leto

He can all and does not get old at all. In principle, the story of Jared Leto can be finished on this. Everyone is free to decide who this romantic original is for you – a musician or an actor. Both incarnations brought Jared success and recognition. But even the Oscars and large-scale concerts in different countries of the world are not a reason to limit yourself to new achievements. Summer chose the path of a startup. In 2010, he launched The One and Only Golden Tickets, a service company that provides a wide range of cultural leisure services, four years later – VyRT, a website for broadcasting events online. Often the musician was faced with the difficulties of showing his concerts, so he decided to rectify the situation. These are not all the technological projects of Jared Leto, who is not afraid to invest in what anticipates the future.

Gwyneth Paltrow

The sweetest Hollywood blonde, a mother of two children, the owner of prestigious film awards, has added the proud title of businesswoman to all her many talents. What is noteworthy, Paltrow went beyond the banal creation of perfume or his own clothing brand. The on-screen wife of Iron Man took on a real startup, launching a company that helps build a healthy lifestyle, called Goop. In 2008, those who wanted to change their boring existence for the better received the first newsletter with information on behalf of Gwyneth on how to work on yourself and not eat carbohydrates. Not all of the tips were to the audience's taste. Goop even had to pay some material compensation to dissatisfied users, but it was also possible to earn. In 2018, the company attracted $ 50 million of investments as part of state support for startups. What started with helpful tips turned into the small kingdom of Paltrow, which includes an online store and subsidiaries that even produce furniture.

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