“Model” and “simply unreal beauty”: new photos of Renata Litvinova’s daughter blew up the Web

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Today, in the blog of Renata Litvinova, new photos of her daughter Uliana appeared. At the beauty-shooting, the girl tried on an unusual image: stylish colored arrows on a clean face and disheveled hair. The result impressed the subscribers of the artist.

Publication by Renata (@renatalitvinovaofficiall) 13 Jun 2018 at 2:30 PDT

They call her "model" and "simply unreal beauty", comparing with her mother. “Cosmic beauty !!!”, “Youth of the Goddess …”, “Your daughter is simply unreal beauty”, “Looks like a mother”, “Copy of mother !!! Beautiful !!! "," Fine! All in mother breed can not be sold or taken away! Another question torments me – the earring, the one that adorns the ear. Whose brand? Or is it still vintage? Your image is magnificent, ”“ As my biology teacher said: “You cannot deceive genes and genotypes.” At first, I thought that Renata ”,“ Your profile is straight, ”they write.

What do you think? Look like mom and daughter?

Photo: instagram

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