Women’s jeans in the wardrobe of every fashionista

Women’s jeans in the wardrobe of every fashionista

Denim clothing has long ceased to be considered part of the work uniform. She, in addition to winning fashion pedestals, has become an important part of our wardrobe. At the same time, in the collection of our fashionistas you can find far more than one pair of jeans, in this case we are talking about more or less warmed models. The difference in their style is immediately noticeable.

Women's jeans in the wardrobe of every fashionista

It is considered to be three pairs of jeans – the optimal amount, which simply must be in the wardrobe. What kind of models it is, each girl chooses individually, based on her age, taste preferences and type of activity. Let’s take a look at some of the more popular types of women’s jeans.

Three main groups of women’s jeans

A group of jeans that are narrowed to the bottom (Slim Fit) or very fitting (Skinny, Easy Fit) jeans enjoy special respect and attention from the fair sex. Thanks to them, all the dignity of the figure will be best emphasized and made public.

Typically, the material for this type of jeans are cotton compounds with various synthetic elastic fibers. The normal length for this group of jeans is at the ankle level.

Skinny jeans for women

Skinny jeans go well with both over-the-knee boots, high-heeled shoes, wedges, and with ballet flats, pumps. They are so unique that they can be combined with other parts of the wardrobe. There is no generally accepted canon or rule here. The main thing is that the image you choose corresponds to the place and time.

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The second group is represented by classic women’s jeans, such as Straight Fit, Relaxed Fit, Regular Fit. These options often have a straight or regular cut. Such models resemble trousers, which means they can become part of a business or semi-business style of clothing.

Straight jeans for women

Among them are women’s jeans with low, medium and high waist. Depending on this variation, the choice of the upper part of the image will be carried out. Accordingly, a combination of a cropped blouse and low-rise jeans will not be the best option. Combinations with heels and wedges will look more attractive and advantageous.

The third group of women’s jeans will include models that, for one reason or another, cannot be attributed to the first or second group. This includes womens flared jeans (Boot Cut), boyfriend jeans, breeches jeans, jeans with a hoop.

Women's flared jeans

Each of the options presented is a fashionable and colorful addition to any female image, and without them it will look somewhat deprived. After all, you cannot create an elegant feminine image for a trip with friends to a bright party without the breeches that are very popular today. And the combination of women’s boyfriend jeans with heels with a slightly pointed toe will also be appropriate for your many appearances.

Women’s flared jeans can even claim the status of legendary and classic models, since they have long occupied their niche in fashionable life and delight the eyes of all fashionistas. Combined with a heel and wedge heel, a tucked-in shirt and a stylish belt will be simply delightful.

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