Women’s blouses – fashion for all ages

Women’s blouses – fashion for all ages

Few of us have not heard of the name Coco Chanel. Indeed, it was with her active participation that such a huge breakthrough in the fashion world was made, which led to a complete change in the female image. Her famous little woman’s dress, masculine style of dress, tweed jacket and tan fashion would be ample reason to remember her name and perhaps imitate her a little.

Women's blouses - fashion for all ages

But few people know that the increased popularity of the women’s blouse also belongs to her. In Coco’s version, the blouse looked like this: made of silk, fitted, with long sleeves, with an elegant tied bow and a V-neck. This particular model was very popular on the European continent in the 1950s.

Classic blouse next to a tunic

Following the initial push from Coco Chanel, the women’s blouse is a must-have item in any woman’s wardrobe today. The creation of feminine, quivering and truly strong and confident images will be impossible without this part.

A white blouse, in combination with strict skinny trousers or skirts, has become a part of almost all dress codes. Business dressing simply requires wearing it. You can include blouses and other colors in your office wardrobe: blue, beige, pink.

Women's blouses - fashion for all ages

Options with a fitted and straight cut, with a stand-up neck, or decorated with a frill are perfect. Women’s V-neck blouses are also suitable. Elegant blouses with “batwing” or “flounce” sleeves, even a “flashlight” will be an important component of any elegant evening look.

But the variations of women’s blouses are not limited only to her classic models. The type of blouse-tunic is also quite common. It will be a harmonious addition to the summer feminine look.

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Heat and city heat will require lighter fabrics and cuts. It was then that blouses with sleeves in ¾, or in a short version, will appear. Tunics will be appropriate both in a semi-business style and for everyday wear, a country walk and a trip to the sea.

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