What to give on March 8: the best gifts

What to give on March 8: the best gifts

What to give mom, sister, girlfriends on March 8? What gift should you choose for yourself? We are sure that the Wedding guide will help you make your choice.


Do you like classic jewelry with a modern twist? Then choose the Dewdrop and Enchanted Lotus collections from De Beers.

Jewelry is a win-win as a gift. And if you are asked what to give you on March 8, feel free to answer: “Jewelry from the TOUS Straight collection from pink vermel”.

Mango earrings from the 2019 collection will complement any look, from classic to ultra-modern.

Mikimoto and Mango earrings will be a great option for a gift to your best friend.

Underwear & Swimwear

Already in March, you can safely start preparing for the beach season. You can start with a new swimsuit, received as a gift, of course. Interesting models are in the new Agent Provocateur collection. Our choice is swimsuits in bright colors.


Girls’ best friends are not only diamonds, but also shoes. When choosing a gift for yourself, take a look at the summer collection 2019 Manolo Blahnik.

Beauty gadgets

The Dyson hair dryer has long gained popularity. The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer in fuchsia is a great gift and comes with a limited set of combs, including a wide-toothed comb and a large massage brush.


March 8 is not only a women’s day, but also the first spring holiday. Delicate plates with bright Bernardaud prints are truly creative gifts.

A set of glasses from Chateau Baccarat will decorate any kitchen.

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Bouquet of flowers

A bouquet of flowers will complement any gift or become an independent gift. There are interesting options in the YK Flowers floristry studio.

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