Wedding magazine runs a competition: on Instagram

Wedding magazine runs a competition: on Instagram

Wedding Magazine launches its Summertime Contest! Summer is the time of holidays. Where are you going to go in the near future? Planning to visit all the top attractions or sunbathe on the beach on a secluded island? Looking to skydive in Cappadocia or learn how to make curry in an Indian village?

Wherever you go, take Wedding magazine with you, take photos and post on Instagram! Don’t forget to tag our account @wedding_magazine_russia and hashtag #weddingonholiday.

The editors will select the most stylish photos that we will post to your account. And our readers will vote for the best pictures! The winners will receive gifts from the editorial board, and the photographs will be published in the magazine. Good luck with the competition! Let this summer be special for you!

Photo: Mila Tobolenko.

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