Wedding Background Music: How to Make the Perfect Playlist

Wedding Background Music: How to Make the Perfect Playlist

Music accompaniment at a wedding is one of the easiest ways to create the desired atmosphere at the celebration. This is especially true of background music, because it is she who will set the mood not only of the guests, but even of the newlyweds themselves. If you decide to give up the services of a professional DJ at the ceremony and put together a playlist on your own, we suggest what you should look for when choosing background music for a wedding.

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1. Look for acoustic versions of songs

One of the surefire options for background music for a ceremony, when the bride and groom make vows to each other in eternal love, are acoustic versions of famous songs, that is, performed with musical instruments without technical additions. It is best to look for romantic compositions – Ed Sheeran, Oasis, Kodaline, Keane. The legendary Sweet Bitter Symphony, read by any modern acoustic group, will also do.

2. Choose classical music

An effective solution would be to focus on classical music. Since there are no words in it, it is ideal for the background of the official part of the ceremony and the taking of vows. Choose classical music with a light major melody that will not distract from the main action.

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3. Listen to music selections in services

If the choice of music for a wedding playlist has driven you to a dead end, check out themed selections on special streaming services. There you can find a lot of music for a specific occasion – parties with incendiary dances or dates and romantic songs. This option is convenient in that you can immediately download the playlist you like and save time on searching. However, we warn you – a subscription to such a service may be paid.

4. Don’t forget about dance music

Background music should not only be calm and melodic. Remember that she is the one who creates the main mood for your wedding. Therefore, we strongly advise you to include more incendiary and fun tracks in the playlist as background music so that guests do not have time to get bored. And, of course, it is better to prepare a separate dance playlist in advance, so that in the late afternoon you will not look for suitable compositions in your list of songs.

5. Add mixed songs

It should be borne in mind that among your guests there will be people with different musical preferences. Moreover, even the bride and groom have slightly different musical tastes. Therefore, to make everyone happy, try to mix music of different genres in the playlist so that everyone finds something of their own in it and can dance from the heart. We also recommend including songs from different times – from the disco of the 80s for parents and relatives of their age to children’s music, to please the youngest guests.

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