Taste without borders: everything you wanted to know about catering

Taste without borders: everything you wanted to know about catering

Are you planning to hold your wedding not in a restaurant or hotel, but in a hall, tent, palace, country house or in the open air? Catering is the best food and drink solution if your site does not have your own kitchen. The largest catering companies in Russia talk about the features of catering services and trends.

Top 5 rules for a successful outdoor holiday:

– Selection of a proven partner / contractor;

– Departure of the catering service to the site before final approval;

– Preliminary tasting of the menu;

– Well-coordinated work of the whole team: manager or managers (depending on the scale of the holiday), cooks, waiters, stewards, auxiliary workers;

– Mutual understanding between contractors, organizer and client.

METROPOL Catering, Moscow

An obvious plus of catering: by choosing a reliable and experienced company, you can count on high standards of service. A personal manager will help you choose the format (cocktail, gala dinner, banquet) that suits your event. The chef will offer menu options, taking into account the specifics of your particular event, you can test it and replace any positions, give your comments.

If you have not yet decided on the venue, we have partner venues in Moscow and the Moscow region – historical venues, modern spaces, country mansions. Field service can be performed even in your office or at home.

All technical issues within the organization (kitchen equipment, furniture, dishes, glass, textiles) will also fall on the shoulders of the catering service.

We always go to the site in advance and evaluate it. Regardless of the scale of the event and the distance, there should be no surprises on the day of the celebration. Everything is important: space, power connection, utility rooms, etc.

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In terms of the menu, original canapes and light buffet snacks are now in trend. We can prepare traditional Russian dishes, European cuisine menus, as well as create an individual menu, taking into account the format of the event.

Metropol Catering serves the brightest events in Moscow, from anniversaries and weddings to conferences and presentations. Guests have always appreciated and loved the Metropol for its impeccable service and unforgettable dishes that embody the spirit of Moscow itself. Over the long years of work, the skills of the chefs and the team of the Metropol Hotel have been highly appreciated by the heads of state, diplomats, businessmen, cultural and art workers.

AZIMUT Hotel Olympic, Moscow

The main advantage of catering is freedom in choosing a venue. The catering service can organize a banquet in a place where there is and cannot be a restaurant: in a park, museum, manor, office, on the roof of a high-rise building. Another advantage of offsite catering is the work according to individual preferences, according to the theme and style of the event.

Today, everything is eco-friendly, natural in trend, so the rustic style is at the peak of popularity. You can also highlight Asian cloud – a mix of European and Asian cuisine, as well as the Local product tradition, when all dishes consist exclusively of farm products.

When it comes to banquet decoration, many people choose the urban style. If we talk about wedding events, then the styles “tiffany” and “ivory” are popular.

The most interesting solutions for an off-site bar are flaring and a bartender show – preparing cocktails with elements of juggling, throws, fireworks and fire. There are even flaring competitions among the bartenders for the best tricks. Weddings have their own popular scenario – the traditional pyramid of glasses of champagne. Themed cocktails are always appropriate – the format of the event can be played up with certain colors and names.

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AZIMUT Hotel Astrakhan

AZIMUT Hotel Astrakhan is delicious snacks, hot dishes, desserts, drinks and impeccable service from the AZIMUT hotel for outdoor events. The hotel team can cater for 20 to 1000 guests and are happy to provide customized solutions.

Grand Catering from BELMOND GRAND HOTEL EUROPE, St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is magnificent in its regal architecture. The catering company “Grand Hotel Europe” opens for its clients the doors of the halls of the magnificent Yusupov Palace, the “Pink Pavilion” in the picturesque Pavlovsky Park and other St. Petersburg palaces, which allow guests to literally touch the beautiful era. The unusual nature of such venues allows directors to create a complex scenario of the celebration. We held one of the brightest weddings of this season in the Hall on the Island pavilion in the landscape part of the Catherine Park. The bride and groom appeared spectacularly on the gondola, and the ceremony took place in the open air overlooking the imperial residence.

The main requirement for sites, in addition to reasonable technical requirements, is a high level of security for guests and staff. We set up tents for the kitchen, covered corridors for bringing food. All this allows us to provide quality service. There are basic catering offers, but for discerning clients we create something unusual and thematic: the design of dishes in one color scheme, special decor of dishes, non-standard serving. Of the wedding styles, the most relevant is always the classic one, the Russian flavor, the Art Nouveau style, theatrical celebrations are also in trend. An ice bar with vodka and Russian snacks is a great solution if there are foreign guests at the wedding. It can be installed both in winter and in summer (in a refrigerated tent).

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There are no boundaries for a professional catering restaurant: we can provide high gastronomy for events far from civilization, on a yacht, on an airplane – anywhere. Our equipment allows you to easily recreate culinary masterpieces even in the absence of a kitchen room. You can also personally select the waiters for the event, conduct a tasting, choose a setting and serving.

Every year the eco-format is more and more popular: natural materials are relevant – wood, straw, marble. We are also watching with interest the development of the theme of space and sci-fi (science fiction, fantasy, mysticism) – this trend can be traced not only in the decor, but also in the design of dishes. Healthy lifestyle is also an unconditional trend.

Instead of boring buffet lines, we offer our guests “live gastronomy” in the form of various stations, where the border between the secret of cooking and tasting dishes is wonderfully erased, and guests can try themselves as chefs.

Service at the event plays one of the key roles. Just like in a restaurant, at an outdoor event, waiters and managers determine the tone of the celebration. The Maison Dellos catering team consists of managers, bartenders and waiters who represent the best restaurants of our House: Cafe Pushkin, Turandot, Matryoshka, Bochka, Kazbek, etc. Exceptional, impeccable level of service at wedding events of any scale and format is our strong point.

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