Striped clothes: myths and rules

Striped clothes: myths and rules

Striped clothing can be surprisingly versatile. Sometimes you can look ridiculous in such outfits, but on the other hand, striped colors are not accidentally considered one of the main attributes of elegance.

Striped clothing

Many people dislike the striped print for its ability to visually increase the volume of various parts of the body and disrupt the proportions of the figure. However, armed with several rules regarding the color and width of the stripes, their location, as well as the style of the product and the material from which it is made, you can achieve a stunning effect!

To begin with, here are a few popular myths that prevent girls from looking attractive in striped clothes.

Myth # 1: Only thin people can wear a strip.

This is a very common misconception associated with the fact that thin girls are simply not so afraid of mistakes in choosing such clothes – some extra volume will not become critical for them anyway. But this does not mean at all that with completeness, such a pattern is contraindicated.

For example, with the help of a strip, you can correct plump hips: for this, it is enough to wear a skirt expanding downwards with horizontal stripes (they should be narrow or of medium width). The optimal top in this case is a plain turtleneck in a dark color or top.

If you have a few extra pounds and are short, a sheath dress decorated with a narrow vertical stripe will be an excellent choice. A cardigan or vest draped over the top (always solid) will help hide the protruding tummy.

Another effective way to divert attention from the abdomen is to wear a loose sweater or diagonal stripe dress… Loose T-shirts and jumpers with not very wide horizontal or vertical stripes will also work well.

Plus size striped clothing

But large vertical stripes, as well as any striped clothing of a tight-fitting silhouette, women with a magnificent physique should beware.

Myth number 2: the strip adds unnecessary volume.

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This myth is true to some extent: the strip can really add volume, but it is in your power to make it appear exactly in the places where you need it.

For example, if your thighs and buttocks lack roundness, a mid-length, slinky striped skirt can help. Those who prefer vertical stripes should pay attention to large patterns. Horizontal stripes can be absolutely any. You may have to try on several models until you find the perfect fit, but something will definitely fit.

To, on the contrary, add volume to the upper body, you can wear a jacket, top or horizontal stripe jumper, from the bottom, complementing it with plain trousers or skirts.

Striped jumpers

A striped scarf or neckerchief is an easy way to visually enlarge small breasts.

Myth # 3: vertical stripes make you slimmer, and horizontal stripes make you look fat.

Despite the fact that this statement is believed by many, it is also erroneous. In fact, vertical stripes in most cases not only do not slim, but, on the contrary, add volume. First of all, wide vertical stripes have this effect. Such clothes, even on a thin girl, can look ridiculous, depriving her of any proportionality. The horizontal stripe, on the other hand, emphasizes the chest and waistline, making the figure especially feminine.

Vertical Stripe Dress

Narrow or medium vertical stripes lengthen the body, but whether they will slim down at the same time depends also on the style. Chances are good that the figure will simply become more elongated and flat. In this case, clothes that are too tight or too loose are not recommended – it is best to choose something in between.

The horizontal stripe pattern is most preferable for the elements of the upper part of the ensemble – for sweaters, jumpers, cardigans, tops, T-shirts, etc. – and goes to the owners of any figure. Dresses with horizontal stripes also look great on many girls. The only limitation is not to wear tight-fitting styles when overweight, in this case it is better to opt for models with several narrow stripes located at a great distance from each other.

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Diagonal stripes are versatile and are great for any body type.

And now a few additional recommendations, following which you will learn how to successfully select exactly such striped clothes that will maximally emphasize your attractiveness and will be appropriate in a particular situation.

How to choose the width of the strip?

In many ways, the overall appearance is influenced by whether the stripe on the clothes is narrow or wide. One general rule of thumb here is that wide stripes look best when they are horizontal, while vertical stripes should ideally be narrow.

Choosing the width of the strip

Wide vertical stripes do not look good on all girls, perhaps only on the owners of perfect figures. Wide horizontal stripes look best in sweaters, pullovers and cardigans. A narrow horizontal stripe, in principle, can also be a good solution, but here you should pay attention to the fact that the colors are not too contrasting and do not repeat too often. An interesting option is the alternation of narrow and wide horizontal stripes.

What to wear with striped clothes?

The striped print is a combination of at least two colors, so the choice of shades of the rest of the image elements should be approached especially carefully.

The easiest way to do this is if the stripes are black and white: any bright color will go well with them. For example, add bright green pants, burgundy shoes, a large orange necklace, or a deep blue handbag to the ensemble for a completely unrecognizable look. Of course, only one of the above will be enough as a bright detail, and the use of several bright colors at once, on the contrary, will demonstrate bad taste.

Black and white stripe with red color

Clothing with a colored stripe style rules recommend wearing something that repeats one of the shades present in the print. So, a red-white-yellow striped skirt will look good with a white, yellow or red top. Another good option is shades of orange, which combine yellow and red.

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Be very careful when trying to combine striped garments with any other pattern. Especially beware of experimenting with geometric and animal prints.

Of course, the best companions for striped details are monochromatic, but if you really want to complement them with something more interesting, you should give preference to small floral patterns or peas. However, in this case, one of the prints must certainly dominate so that the image does not seem overloaded.

Sometimes quite interesting combinations are obtained by combining two different types of stripes. But remember that there should not be more than two striped parts at once.

Combined stripes in clothes

When is striped clothing appropriate?

The strip is an integral element of the casual style, which is comfortable and loved by many. This print is often adorned with cozy knitted dresses and jumpers, casual shirts, tunics, skirts or trousers. A great addition to striped clothes in this style is denim or leather products in natural shades.

A stripe can also be a very good solution for an office dress code: for a pencil skirt or a strict blouse. A characteristic feature of such outfits is that narrow stripes are used here, and their colors do not contrast very much with each other. In a business look, only one striped thing will be enough, let the rest be monochromatic.

Another style, the attribute of which is always a strip, is marine. Classic vest dresses, wide-leg trousers, romantic jackets – these outfits are perfect for walking with friends or with a loved one.

A strip can be a good solution for creating not only a casual look, but also an evening one. A correctly chosen striped pattern that adorns an evening dress will accentuate the figure and will favorably place all the accents.

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