Star wedding: Ilya Yashin married the lead singer of the group “AloeVera”

Star wedding: Ilya Yashin married the lead singer of the group “AloeVera”

The wedding of 37-year-old politician Ilya Yashin and 32-year-old singer Vera Musaelyan took place.

Earlier, the chairman of the council of deputies of the Krasnoselsky district of Moscow, Ilya Yashin, met with the journalist of the radio station “Echo of Moscow” Lesya Ryabtseva, and then with Ksenia Sobchak.

Ilya Yashin and Vera Musaelyan have been together for three years. Today Yashin wrote a touching Instagram post in which he told a love story. Despite the fact that they knew each other and kept in touch, they did not have an affair. But at one of the weddings, where both were guests, Yashin and Musaelyan caught a garter and a bridal bouquet, respectively. One of the guests said that they could make a good couple. So their relationship spun.

“But today Vera has become my wife, and I feel like a truly happy person. I hope that with age I will learn to read the signs of fate better, ”Ilya Yashin wrote on Instagram.

The couple came to the registry office in white sneakers. The bride was in a white dress with bare shoulders, the image was complemented by an unusual bouquet in dark colors, and the groom was in a black suit, vest and white shirt. On February 1, it became known about the engagement of Ilya Yashin and Vera Musaelyan, but the couple postponed the wedding until the fall due to the pandemic.

Text: Anna Ivanova.

Photo: Instagram.

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