Sex horoscope: astrologer’s tips for every zodiac sign

Sex horoscope: astrologer’s tips for every zodiac sign

Astrologer Daria Sibiryakova told how representatives of different signs of the zodiac behave in sex, what their temperament is and what are their favorite positions.

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Aries love everything unusual, and in sex too. Their strength is that they are assertive, dynamic and provocative. They also want obedient and trusted partners who can be trusted. BDSM is more yes than no. Aries are passionate lovers, but they can be without a partner for a long time. If you want to surprise Aries, be unpredictable in bed.


Taurus loves affectionate partners who will give them maximum physical pleasure. Taurus themselves are prone to constancy and calmness. They really love and understand what pleasure is. Give your chosen one a relaxing massage and he is all yours. Don’t start sex rudely. Set aside time for foreplay.


Gemini does not need to learn technicality in love – they are masters of their craft! If the Gemini wants, then he will satisfy his partner like no one ever. They expect constant novelty and variety from their second half, otherwise they will get bored. It’s hard to surprise a Gemini, but if you still want to do it, choose strange, unusual, unexpected words during sex. And at the same time, be as natural as possible in bed.


Cancers can easily be very cute and gentle or aggressive. For them, the main thing in sex is to have fun, but they always respect their partners. From the second half, they expect flexibility of character and a certain obedience. For Cancers, the main thing is feelings and love. If you deceive him, no bed will make him change his mind about you.

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a lion

Leo’s sexuality lies in his charisma. From an early age, they are attractive and want sex. But they will choose carefully. And when they choose, they will expect constancy, sincerity and admiration from loved ones in their sexual life. If everything triples them, then they will not rush. Don’t lose respect for Leo. They do not forgive betrayal and betrayal. Do you want your feelings to burn for a lifetime? Admire Leo relentlessly.


Virgos thrive on seduction. They often look at you in such a way that you cannot think of anything else. They expect honesty and warmth from a partner. They do not like sexual experiments, although for the sake of a loved one they can try. Provide Virgo with consistency in the relationship, and then in sex, Virgo will want to surprise you. Be a reliable partner. Relationship for one evening – forget it. With Virgo, this is not an option.


Libra’s sexual power comes from their patience and endurance. Libra likes everything incredibly beautiful, so you should not expect rudeness or demonstrative passion from them. They expect initiative from a partner, since they themselves prefer to be seduced, not seducers. Want to conquer Libra easily? Always keep track of what you are wearing and what your manners are. Be graceful, elegant, and well-mannered. In sex, it is better to first discuss the “non-standard” nuances.


Well, everything is simple here! Sex and intimacy for Scorpio is what they are gods in. The act of love is always an event for them, and it should be bright and beautiful. Scorpios also succeed in seduction, because they are very charismatic. Enjoy your Scorpio. If you have a low sex drive, it will be difficult for you to be around a constant source of passion.

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Sagittarius loves lightness and ease in sex life. Sagittarius categorically will not have sex with those with whom they themselves do not want. But there is also a minus – their curiosity. This is what destroys them. And the thirst for everything and everyone to try. True, positive inner energy always leaves them very sweet and “innocent.” If your Sagittarius cheated on you, do not leave him right away, let him confess and repent of his deed. And yet – he did not stop loving you. He’s just a Sagittarius.


Capricorns love to be listened to, understood and obeyed in their sexual life. Their sexual energy is correlated with a great desire to achieve a goal. This Sign has an aura of calmness and self-confidence. Capricorns are very distinctive. They can be cold and passionate at the same time. And how do they do it? Want to hook a Capricorn? Be completely independent of him in every sense.


Aquarians love exotic things, their sexual demands require spiritual closeness from a partner. This Zodiac Sign has perhaps the strongest desire for experimentation. In an intimate life, they cannot be called masters, but their attitude towards a partner is always very warm. In bed, Aquarians are lovely. They are not selfish and their partner’s pleasure is paramount. And if you appreciate it, your Aquarius will remain yours for the rest of your days.


Sex for Pisces is a physiological process. Sometimes they don’t even associate it with love. The sexuality of this Sign is manifested in flexibility and versatile pleasure. They are seductive and quite eccentric in this area of ‚Äč‚Äčlife. You can play any role and put on any masks, but Pisces will always guess whether you want intimacy now or not. You should not make Pisces your lover, there are no sincere feelings. But if you have struck up love, then you will never forget sex with Pisces.

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