How to make beetroot risotto: a chef’s recipe

How to make beetroot risotto: a chef’s recipe

Try making a beetroot risotto for a short trip to sunny Italy. Signature dish recipe shared by executive chefcook Marco Pinelli hotel Cristallo, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa

Ingredients (for 4 servings): beets (2 kg), shallots (2 heads), Vialone Nano rice (360 g), dry white wine (120 ml), grated parmesan (60 g), unsalted butter (80 g), olive oil (40 ml) ), sour cream (120 g), salmon caviar (40 g), carrots (300 g), celery (200 g), onion (1 pc.), water (2 l for vegetable broth), water (100 ml for sauce) , sugar (100 g), raspberry vinegar (250 ml), salt (to taste).

Way cooking:

1. For vegetable broth, wash and chop cleaned carrot, stem celery and great head Luke, then lay out them at a saucepan and fill in 2 l waterWarm up at flow hours, not bringing before boilingThen strain and keep bouillon at warmer (for given recipe you will need only 1 l broth).

2. For raspberry mix sauce 100 ml water, 100 r Sahara and 250 ml raspberry vinegar at saucepan and evaporate half content on small fire (for given recipe you will need only 80 ml sauce).

3. For cooking beetroot juice wash, dry and clear beets from peelsSlice cubes and squeeze out the juice from help juicers (for given recipe you will need only 800 ml beetroot juice).

4. To cook the risotto itself, heat olive butter at stewpan on average fireAdd sliced bowshallot and cook before those since, while he not will become soft, but not will change Colour

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5. Add rice and cook 1 minute, constantly stirring before those since, while grains not will become translucentPour in white wine and evaporate, while rice not will become practically dryThen pour in 200 ml vegetable broth and 200 ml beetroot juice at one thing and also timeWhen rice will be nearly ready, add crimson evaporated sauce and cook yet 3 minutesPay Attention, what consistency not must to be liquidAdd chopped cubes creamy butter and cheese Parmesan, prevent and leave on 2 minutesLay out rice on a plate, lay down over sour cream at form ball and decorate salmon caviar

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