How to create your own fashionable look for every day?

How to create your own fashionable look for every day?

All girls try to look beautiful at parties, parties and events, but what about looking fashionable and elegant every day? Each new day is unique, so we should not miss the opportunity and decorate our everyday life so that each of them will be remembered for a long time. Many women believe that fashion and convenience are two incompatible things. However, this is not the case. Indeed, today there is a huge collection of fashionable and at the same time comfortable clothes for a daily look.

Jeans and T-shirts

Many people know that this inseparable couple is in the first place in the popularity of casual wear. Oddly enough, but even these two things can be diversified quite well. For example, try pairing them with pumps, short coats in beige or white, as many fashionistas and bloggers do. And you can complement this look with a massive necklace, a small bag and glasses.

In this case, you can choose absolutely any colors, the main thing is to get a stunning image as a result. Another option is to combine jeans and a T-shirt with a sweater, blazer or vest, complementing this wonderful composition with accessories.

Denim shirt

This is an indispensable thing for all lovers of fashion trends. The denim shirt can be worn everyday, which is a huge advantage of this model. It is combined with almost all things in 2015, namely: with jeans, skirts, classic trousers and so on. But it is worth noting that she does not suit all the colors of trousers, so first, carefully choose the right “pair” for her.

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But in combination with outerwear, you shouldn’t have any problems: a denim shirt goes well with sweaters, floral prints, coats, jeans and leather jackets.

Striped vest

Real fashionistas know that the vest is the most fashionable trend in our time. It is worth noting that you can wear it every day, periodically changing accessories, cape and trousers (since you can use it to make a wide variety of everyday looks). You can wear a vest with vests, sweaters with buttons and just with autumn jackets. You can complement the image with a scarf (which is worn around the neck), large jewelry and a bag.

The colors of the trousers can be completely different: black, red, patterned, checkered and so on. But it is worth noting that trousers should be chosen in the same color scheme as shoes, so as not to spoil the whole image.


The white blouse is probably the most popular casual wear. Moreover, it is suitable not only for work. Pair it with skinny or flared jeans, leather pants, shorts, and more. And the floral blouse is chic 2015! You can wear it with a tapered skirt, stiletto heels and add some accessories: large earrings, a large bag and a massive necklace.

You can also opt for a plaid shirt as your casual outfit, which also goes well with many items, including fur vests. The main advantage of this model is that it can be worn with autumn and winter boots – the image will not deteriorate anyway.

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