Horoscope for September: love horoscope for all zodiac signs

Horoscope for September: love horoscope for all zodiac signs

Astrologer Ksenia Gennek compiled a love horoscope for September 2019 especially for Wedding readers. Look for your zodiac sign and read what the stars have in store for you in the first month of autumn. We have not deprived anyone of attention, the horoscope has been drawn up both for those who are in a couple and for those who are still free.


For Aries September month of romance and love, especially the second half of the month. This is due to Venus, which will have a strong influence on the Aries relationship sphere. Many Aries will meet a person with whom there will be every chance to build a relationship. It is important not to miss out on opportunities. Therefore, take the initiative peculiar to you, do not be afraid to start the conversation first. In general, in September, Aries will benefit from communication and acquaintances anyway. If you do not meet your love, then the necessary acquaintances are provided for you. Family Aries will have chores, but pleasant chores. It may well be that there will be, for example, a long-awaited trip.


Taurus will have the opportunity to meet their other half. Moreover, the stars say that this can be both the beginning of a short-term romance and a long-term one. In many respects, the direction of development of relations will depend on the Taurus themselves. Be careful not to miss your happiness. But remember that you should not rush into a whirlpool headlong into a relationship. First, think well and only then make a decision. If you’re aiming for something serious, go for the last quarter of the month. Both family and free Taurus need to be attentive in terms of the manifestation of their emotions. The month runs the risk of being emotionally unstable.


Lonely Gemini will seriously think about starting a family. This thrust will be felt especially strongly until the 20th of September. If you have a partner, you will be concerned with family matters. For many Gemini, the issue of the place of residence will be resolved: someone will move to more spacious housing, someone will start building their own house. At the end of the month, the craving for family life will subside and many single Gemini will again want an easy relationship without obligations. In short, Gemini’s month promises to be enjoyable and interesting.

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Free Cancers can meet their love. To do this, you need to observe two rules, firstly, to show maximum activity until mid-September. All kinds of dating will be beneficial, including dating through social networks. Also, do not give up travel. Secondly, it is very important to let go of the past, which takes away the lion’s share of resources and prevents new opportunities from coming to life. As for married Cancers, there will be many family issues to be resolved. It is possible that many Cancers will decide to build a home or other real estate extension.

a lion

Recently, many Leos have had a difficult time in their personal lives. The relationship with the chosen one has deteriorated, but not all is lost. It is good, at least for a while, to leave all the grievances in the past and remember how good it was for you. Start delighting your loved one again with gifts and surprises. For example, invite your partner on a pleasant trip. Lonely Lions also have changes in their personal lives. The chances of romantic acquaintances are high in the circle of relatives and acquaintances, in a social network, and a neighbor / neighbor may also be your chosen one. Lionesses should not exclude receiving a marriage proposal.


Until mid-September, Virgos will be especially attractive to the opposite sex. They will be full of energy, strength and charm, which will attract attention to themselves. But the chances of having a serious relationship this month are not so high. For now, it is better to engage in your diverse development, which will certainly bear fruit in the direction of your personal life, too. If you are a Virgo who already has a relationship, then try to become softer and calmer. Stop finding fault with the other half, making claims and comparing with others.

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In order not to spoil the relationship with your chosen one / chosen one, stop trying to overly control the situation, do everything exactly as it seems to you right, because your loved one also has his own opinion and views. Until mid-September, Libra has a high chance of dating on the Internet or on a long trip. At the same time, there are risks of too strong illusory love. Therefore, do not forget to take off your rose-colored glasses and assess the applicant as soberly when meeting. From the middle of September, Libra will be attractive to others; lonely representatives of the sign should not miss such a chance to find a loved one. For the Libra family, such an alignment of stars will also only benefit and help again, with a bright flame, light a fire in a relationship.


For Scorpios, September is not the most suitable month in terms of resolving issues related to personal relationships. They, despite all their seriousness, in the first month of autumn will be tuned to completely different vibrations, and in terms of personal life they will pull for a variety. However, until the middle of the month, many Scorpios may notice that seemingly only friendly communication begins to turn into something more romantic. In any case, you should look for your love through or among friends. Another tip for lonely Scorpios take a closer look at those around you. Believe that among them there are those who look at you with loving eyes.


September for Sagittarius as a whole in the direction of personal life will be a stable month. Family Sagittarius is not expected to have global changes, but a month will require you to deal with issues that you constantly put on the back burner. Lonely representatives of this sign can develop personal relationships at work and, as an option, with the boss. This is especially true until mid-September.

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Capricorns should learn to devote more time to their loved ones. And in September, especially in the middle of the month, just the right opportunity will be presented. there will be an opportunity to jump on a long family trip. You have dreamed about this for so long, so you can fulfill your dream with a clear conscience. Lonely Capricorns should also not miss the opportunity to go on vacation. Since it is there that there is every chance of falling in love with a hot Italian or Spaniard without memory. In whom exactly is up to you to decide.


Aquarians are planning a month full of interesting and bright events in terms of personal life. This applies to Aquarians who have been in a relationship for a long time, as well as those who have recently tied the knot. In the second half of the month you will have the opportunity to go on vacation and refresh your relationship in this way. Lonely Aquarius will receive many offers to enter into a relationship, though in a relationship of a sexual nature, without any prospects.


Lonely Pisces, like no other sign, will have opportunities for new relationships. The period up to the 20th of September will be especially promising. This is a great time to start a long-term relationship, but the most appropriate demeanor. relax, do not overstrain in order to find a partner or start a relationship with this or that person. Just trust life and it will definitely provide you with good options. Family Pisces will be busy with household chores and chores. Everything is pretty stable. But in relations with the other half, there is a risk of increased tension. You will swear more than before. To compensate for the risks, try to independently bring a note of adrenaline into your relationship, for example, visit some moderately dangerous attraction with your partner or go in for sports.

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