Horoscope for November: love horoscope for all zodiac signs

Horoscope for November: love horoscope for all zodiac signs

Astrologer Ksenia Gennek compiled a love horoscope for November 2019 especially for Wedding readers. Look for your zodiac sign and read what the stars have in store for you this fall. We have not deprived anyone of attention, the horoscope was drawn up both for those who are in a couple and for those who are still free.

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Venus at the beginning of the month will pass into the sign of Sagittarius, which will make the personal life of many of us much more harmonious than before. Passions will be left behind, the need for love with the color of suffering and, as a result, stormy and difficult love affairs. This will be replaced by the need to believe in a fairy tale with a happy ending. People around will seem like beautiful princes and princesses, devoid of flaws. Maybe it’s for the best? After all, sometimes it is useful to let a little illusion into your life.


For Aries, almost the whole month will be rich in romantic travel acquaintances, if, of course, they are planned. Another great option for dating is to go for advanced training or courses. Representatives of this sign should be careful in the middle of the month, since the risks of becoming a victim of someone’s wonderful, but not the most sincere speeches will be critically high. As for family Aries, their personal life will be filled with romance, but there is one thing – they will tend to overly idealize their partners, and sometimes they will not see the moments behind this whole idyll that their chosen ones can skillfully hide.


Lonely Taurus in the coming month will be lucky for romantic acquaintances with sexual connotations. You will draw attention to yourself with your sensual charm. From November 9 to November 20, a secret may open to you: someone from their friendly environment will be in love with you for a long time and hopelessly. To avoid acute conflicts, family Taurus can be given the following advice – do not be afraid to transform your relationship, remove from them that which has not brought positive dynamics of development for a long time. Other recommendations are playing sports together or adding variety to the sexual aspect of your relationship.


The twins finally have good luck in their personal lives! November will be a month for you in which it is very likely that you will meet a person who can seriously change your life. The life of married Gemini will be calm and harmonious. And if you are a Gemini girl who has been waiting for a marriage proposal for a long time, then November with a high degree of probability will be the end of the waiting period for you.


For Cancers, November will be filled with flirtation and romantic opportunities at work. If you are planning a business trip from November 9 to 20, be sure you will have a pleasant acquaintance. And the seemingly frivolous relationship of some Cancers can spill over into something much more interesting at the end of the month. If you are a family, as befits a true Cancer, a representative of this sign, then, of course, you can also be visited by a romantic mood at the workplace, but you should not take your hobby too seriously.

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In November, Leos will shine and enjoy the attention of the opposite sex, but they are unlikely to be drawn to create a serious relationship. The middle of the month can pass for lonely Lions a time of stormy adventures, few people will be able to avoid a love adventure here. Family representatives of this sign will also be popular with the opposite sex, which may not have the best effect on their relationship. After all, nobody canceled jealousy and emotional outbursts on this basis from their partners. The last days of the month will defuse the tense situation, and peace and quiet will come in Lviv’s personal life.


Virgos who are in a relationship will enjoy a family idyll throughout November. Joint household chores will help to support this idyll, you may want to somehow transform your home, for example, by starting a small renovation or buying a beautiful thing for the interior. Dinners in a large family circle will also be beneficial. If you are still a lonely Virgo, be sure to use the second half of the month for camping trips. It can be a restaurant or a movie, although the latter is much more promising. Are you a Virgo paired, but without a ring on your finger? The middle of the night will help you to safely resolve this misunderstanding.


Libra is contraindicated in solitude and despondency throughout November, because there will be an abundance of opportunities for romantic acquaintances, all that remains is not to lock ourselves in four walls. Have you been planning to go on a trip for a long time or sign up for a training course? Until November 26th is the best time to do this. If you have been happy in a relationship for a long time, go on a romantic trip together, this will make your relationship even more harmonious.


Scorpios will be busy with finance and business relationships for most of November. There will be no special opportunities, like desires to build personal relationships. Moreover, after a stormy October, you will want a mental rest. However, in the last days of November, the representatives of this sign will be given opportunities for cool acquaintances. An insistent advice for their implementation is not to forget about communication, walks and travel. Family Scorpios should deal with family budget issues.


Lonely Sagittarius November will bring many pleasant and exciting moments. Sagittarius will get to know a lot and be very popular with the opposite sex, a particularly promising period for dating will come after November 17th. It is highly likely that an adorer will appear among the new fans who will be tuned in to the serious development of relations. In the last days of the month, dating can take place in places for sports, shops, banks. Family Sagittarius, on the one hand, will be filled with charm and will literally fascinate their partners, on the other hand, the period from November 9 to November 20 can be difficult due to deception of the chosen one, or hobby for another person.


In November, the stars do not promise Capricorns too much attention from the opposite sex. In addition, Capricorns themselves will avoid visiting crowded places and friendly parties, but only until November 26th. After Capricorns will begin to flourish and attract increased attention of new-found fans. Family Capricorns will benefit from pair privacy, an extra social circle in November can only harm their love idyll.


It’s time for Aquarius to forget about work issues and allow themselves to spend more time with friends, attend various social events. All this will contribute to interesting personal acquaintances, which will be in abundance in the second half of November. Another option to revitalize your personal life is to volunteer. Who knows, maybe your love, like you, is a person with a big heart, and is waiting for you in an orphanage or animal shelter. The last days of the month can be marked by a pleasant acquaintance on a social network.


Romance will overtake Dreamy Pisces in a working atmosphere. You should not exclude the development of an affair with a boss or an older colleague. In the last days of November, there is a high probability of unexpected acquaintances in a friendly company, or you suddenly find that your friend becomes for you something more than just a friend.

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